3 Reasons Why I Don't Write Much On Hive or Steemit Anymore

Since before Steemit was sold to Justin Sun and Hive was created, I've started getting bothered by everything that was happening in Steemit. Too many things were being done. Communities and tokens and dApps and such was popping up all over the place. It was already a complicated site to understand and join at first and then such things happened. I was like WTF? And so eventually my interest to write on Steemit waned.

And then when Hive came into the picture, well I thought it would be great. I would be able to write on two sites and still earn some crypto. However it's still not that simple. On top of that, the glory days of STEEM seems to be gone so even HIVE doesn't seem like it's enough.


If anyone told you they are writing and staying because of the community, well they are not wrong but we are here initially for the money and then the "exposure". Why even write here if we won't earn anything? That's the main reason we're here! If I wanted to just post something without earning anything I would post it on my own blog, social network sites and not here. šŸ˜‚

Unfortunately with the pandemic I even felt more withdrawn from writing on the two sites. Maybe that's the effect of this alarming situation for me. If you check my posts/blogs here you'll see I rarely posted anything in 2020 and even up to now.

Anyway somehow I am not too happy with how I will earn something from my posts only within 7 days of it being published. Some communities don't even upvote any post more than 3 or 4 days since posted. What's up with that right? Haha. It's just not worth it anymore when there are newer and better sites now.

So, okay let me go on and tell you the other reasons why I stopped writing here regularly.

1. You have to post in only one community before you get upvoted.

Gone are the days when you can just use tags and various groups/communities will be happy to upvote your post for joining their contest or challenge.Since the changes happened, it's more restrictive here rather than inclusive.

You can "crosspost" in other communities but hey, not everyone knows or even likes that. Plus, it's just a sentence and a link when you do a crosspost, not the entire post itself. Even I would frown upon seeing such a thing. That's why Steemit/HIve have already become a "Post in our community or you don't get any upvote at all," kind of thing. Perhaps only newbies would be happy with that. #ktnxbye

2. You have to use their dApp to get an upvote

Same with above, some communities will not upvote you as well if you didn't use their app or dApp to post your article. Sad really. There are a lot of dApps on STEEM/HIVE these days that you even have to choose which one you should use. I mean, come on, it's all the same we're here to earn crypto but there's too many related sites/options.

steem_and_hive_dapps.jpg Image collage from Pixabay, Hive and dapp.com

Of course we can choose those we like and prefer but hey, that again is not being inclusive. I mean, it used to be one big happy "family" within one site only. Now you go to various sites/dApps just to earn crypto. Feels like there's no big umbrella site anymore or that it doesn't even matter.

You can ask them their reasons if you don't know why they - the communities or dApp creators - "have" to do it. Not saying it's wrong, am just saying this is why I and perhaps other people have left and rarely use the two sites.

3. You have to join a community/group of people so many people will upvote you.

Generally speaking, if you're not part of a "clique" or group, you will have to make an effort to go around to "beg" for upvotes. Certain people/curators still deny that they do not upvote those who they consider friends or online friends here. Hey it still happens. Why would they upvote someone who's not part of their group/community right? To them, exclusivity is the key.


The good thing is, Curie curators are not like that at all. It's the only noteworthy curator group here since curators became a thing. It also doesn't matter which site or dApp you use, as long as it shows up on Hive (or Steemit before) then Curie can upvote your quality post. That's perhaps the only reason why I am still happy being here sometimes. It is all encompassing and all inclusive. That's the best thing ever for me.

I also like Actifit because it posts on both Steemit and Hive. That's awesome! Unfortunately the upvote on Steemit is meh. As mentioned you need to put it in certain communities before it will even get considered to be upvoted. Only SBI would be still be upvoting me in Steemit for sure and that's it. Maybe I should just delegate all my Steem/SBD to SBI there if that's the case. šŸ™„ The time for going around just for upvotes is so past decade. #ktnxbye

Anyway, that's it! That's everything I wanna say.

But of course I guess out of necessity I will be posting some more now that I got my writing mojo back. Thank God I found another earn-to-write site that's why I was finally able to write write write again. Heck I even don't like that I can't post more than one article per day there so now I have to post here in Steemit/Hive just to get the writing out of my system. šŸ˜‚

I just hope I don't get burned out from writing again. šŸ˜…



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