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By: @kirby951116


I was born in Malaysia 25 years ago, currently base in Ipoh. I had been working as a 3D animator for 4 years. As an animator, it's been a fun and tough journey for me. The fun part of the job is that I get to know a lot of interesting people. All of them have different stories to tell, different perspective for life, different personalities, make different decisions. That's where I get inspiration from, to bring things to life.


Fibre art can be tough and loud – learn more about the fibre artist Yore and Zhegrova and the beautiful town Erfurt

By: @neumannsalva


What do you do, if you should not leave the country because of a pandemic, cannot spent a lot of money, get migraines from driving longer in the car, only have 5 free days but ABSOLUTELY WANT TO ENJOY A VACATION (sorry for shouting):


Discover Romania - Ruins of The Vodita Monastery

By: @acesontop


Most of my "sort of traveling posts" that I have on Hive are from my home country, Romania, and the place I am currently living in. A piece of land that has endured plenty of battles over centuries and that still remains a place worth visiting for folks around the world. Not the perfect traveling destination in the world, but it definitely has some really great places to visit.


DİY Concept: Making a Hammock with Toothpicks

By: @crysis


(EN) Hello Hive Family. I made a chair and a table with toothpicks for you last night. Later, I wanted to make a hammock. So how is the hammock made?


RETO DE 30 DIAS DE AGRADECIMIENTO. Dia 9: Agradezco por mis piernas / 30 DAY THANK YOU CHALLENGE. Day 9: I appreciate for muy legs.

By: @vicnzia


This thank you, while brief, is beautiful. It is one of my favorites in what I wear the challenge. Talking about my legs is like talking about a precious treasure. I consider that without them I would not be able to do everything I do with so much love, it is that I use them for everything, to do yoga, to dance my contemporary dance, to walk, to climb the avila, to ride a bicycle, to do karate, I love my legs and that's why I take care of them.


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