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[ENG][ESP] Manufacturing a DC motor // Fabricando un motor de Corriente Continua

By: @gianpiero29


Hello to all the community of Gems, as you know it was a little lost due to my university, and one of the projects in which I was more occupied in this time, was in a model on a direct current motor, today I want to tell you a little about the process of elaboration and the result of it.


Limbo - The Woods | Review - Gameplay - Walkthrough (ENG/ESP)

By: @jauregui98


Hello, creatures of the dark! Today I'm going to talk to you about Limbo, one of the games that I had wanted to play for a long time and hadn't had the chance, but I finally started playing and I'm in love with the game. It was like finding that diamond after spending years digging in a coal mine.


Cooler In Photos. Be Real.

By: @sergiomendes


I am way cooler in my photos than in real life. I share a fair photos of "cooler" me and just normal regular me.


Our Wild Ride

By: @cryptoknight12


The other day Owen and I went to the beach to model and the pictures came out great!


Introducing my self to the hive community

By: @soserious


My name is wahid and in this post im going to introduce my self to this community I hope this intrudaction doesn’t make u bored!!


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