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Artistic Makeup: The Crack

By: @lucianav


Today I wanted to do something very different and dark, besides I did not want to put false eyelashes 😂 So I was making this "little work of art" dark and with enough editing to create the effect I needed, from time to time I like to make these creations that involve editing, using what little I know and taking advantage of it.


Makeupchallenge by @roxifit Zodiacal Signs: AQUARIUS

By: @barbibsq27


Hi Hive friends, how are you? Today I join this initiative by @roxifit to create a makeup inspired by our zodiac sign and also express whether or not we feel identified with the description of the personality that characterizes our sign


Desayuno con Croissants Rellenos con Chocolate / Breakfast with Chocolate Filled Croissants.

By: @miguelaag


Hello everyone, how are you? Today I want to share with you my breakfast, a delicious croissant that in the dough had chocolate chips filled with more chocolate. Nothing sounds better for waking up with a lot of sugar in your blood, jajaja.


🕍🤔Castelo de Bom Jesus /🕍🤔Castle of Bom Jesus

By: @zullyarte

Today I want to share with you a walk that I did for the good jesus church or also called Bom Jesus do Monte. It's surprising and impressive when you get to that place because you don't have any ideas of what awaits you inside.


Elaboración de gorro tejido con trenzas con aguja circular./ Making a knitted hat with circular needle braids (ESP-ENG) .

By: @vicnzia


Hello friends, I have been absent around here. But I always keep working in some way. Teaching yoga, dance, training, studying ...


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