A special morning today

Hello, my friends.

I want to tell and show the morning of today.
What is its peculiarity? Everything is simple. This morning, at half past five, the thermometer showed -3 degrees Celsius. This is a new breath of Winter, which has not just come up, but has begun to breathe in our faces.
I tried to shoot the sunrise, but nothing good happened.

When I woke up and looked out the window, I saw a clear sky and the sun was beginning to appear from behind the trees.
You can say that I woke up with the first rays of the sun.

The photo was taken at 5: 35 am. I've been getting up before the sun wakes up for a long time.
My usual wake-up time is at 4: 30, it's just that today I work remotely from home, so I decided to sleep an hour longer.

Every morning I do a blood test on the dog for the amount of sugar. I noticed that a lot of sparrows are chirping on a bush with viburnum. That's why I decided to go get a camera and take pictures of these naughty guys.


At first I thought I thought it was cold, but I looked at the thermometer, and then I saw ice in the basins. We had rain almost all last week. The basins were standing on the street and they were all full of water.




By the way, I made several holes in the ice and drained the water before shooting. It's time to clean all the garden utensils and tools in a warm room until spring, remove the water hoses. But cabbage is still growing in the beds. And there are flowers. And what happened to them there from the frost? But nothing. They are frost-resistant.

In the title photo, I showed a dahlia.
These flowers have been blooming in our garden for a very long time.

And what is this?
This year, my wife planted some kind of flower that we do not know and have never seen before. She was given the seeds by one of her colleagues at work. We didn't think that these flowers take up a lot of space and that they are so big. Very interesting flowers. But they should be planted differently, so that they do not interfere with the growth of other flowers.

I decided to do a little pseudo macro photography of this flower.
I used the maximum magnification at the maximum approximation. Tamron 18-400mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD lens.
I'll just say - I really like this lens!



That's what these flowers are like.

The trees began to shed their leaves especially strongly. Lying on the ground, the leaves were caught in the frost and became attractive to me as an object for photographing. All the veins of the leaves became very clearly visible.
Fading beauty.
This is an elm leaf.

This is also an elm leaf.

Friends, you will laugh, but this is also an elm leaf. 😂

I have a very large elm growing, and it throws its leaves on my plot in the autumn.

This is a leaf of viburnum.

Morning. And I haven't fed my rabbits yet, I got carried away with photographing. And I still have to take my wife to work, and my daughter to school.
Friends, goodbye!

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I add my beloved @ru-trail community as a 5% beneficiary of the post.


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