Portrait Contest: Here's An Ankara Spiced, Colourful Portrait I Shot

Hello everyone!
Today I'll be sharing a colourful outdoor portrait taken earlier in my photography career. I'll be making this my entry to this week's #portraitcontest, I hope I get lucky :)

It was my first time working with this model and we didn't have issues connecting. I took the photo with the model standing in front of some yellow flowers. I did that bearing in mind that the colours would compliment her outfit. She spiced up her outfit by adding an Ankara head wear, which I really liked. I picked some flowers and asked her to hold them up while I took the shots from a slightly lower angle because the flowers behind were higher up and I wanted to get them in frame.
Here's the result we got:


For editing, I did some Frequency Separation on the skin to get rid of blemishes and even out the tones. I'd say my skin retouching back then was quite terrible as I was still trying to get a hang of it. Also her makeup got ruined around the nose because of her glasses which she wore earlier (she really can't see without them). I didn't know those were there due to her glasses until later when the makeup artist pointed it out. Silly me, I left them there on purpose while editing because I thought they were done deliberately by the makeup artist :D
I made the colours as vibrant as possible without making them bleed all with the Adobe Lightroom Mobile app on my smartphone.

The photos were taken on a Nikon D7100 and a 50mm f/1.8 lens. A reflector was used to bounce light and fill some shadows.

Asides the issues with the makeup, the model really liked the photos and they were eventually published on an online blog. I'm pleased with how the photo came out nonetheless, and I learning from my mistakes here added to my experience and made me better at editing at the end.

Thanks for coming around, hope to see you again!

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