Introduction To Daily Post Promotion


After much thoughts on what I can do with my little influence on this platform, it came to my understanding that I can support those who support me in my own way.

What do I have in mind?
I'm going to be doing a rehive post everyday for those who will vote on my post knowingly or not.

How does it work
It will be just the promotion post which any hive user who votes it gets automatic rehive of his/her most recent post.
The hiver may decide to share a link of the post on the promotion post, just like this post.

I currently have less than 1k followers but I assure you that those followers are not the only people that would see your post.
My curators are likely to rehive their favorite(s).

The rules are simple. They are;

  • Upvote this post with any percentage of your choice
  • Comment with the post link which is optional

I have pleaded with some good people in this platform to vote every post entered in the promotion posts.
They will also help in the rehive process.
Currently, I have @daniella619 on my side.
They curators will grow as we progress.
Lastly, I've planned to create a community for this post promotion.

You'll be mentioned in the next post as a participant.

So, get involved.
Get engaged.
Let's do it!

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