Through the mirror - Tunnel Vision

Hello and welcome to "Through the mirror"

I love cycling, walking and taking photos in Israel. In this post I will share with you my photos and photo-artworks based on them

In my artwork I try to expand the aspects of the photo that are most appealing to me. I use a digital mirror filter and image editor - Snapseed to create the artwork. I hope you will enjoy my photo-reimagining creations.

Tunnel Vision

Todays I want to expand and enhance the beautiful green and flowery paths that I regularly walk through. The paths are located in my hometown of Holon, between apartment buildings. I took the photos this week.

From each photo I created a unique, mind-bending tunnel that invites you to walk it and explore the mystery hidden in the end.

The original photo

"Zero gravity tunnel"

"Flux capacitor"

The original photo

"The Greenworm"

"Bougainvillea delight"

"The museum of art"

The original photo

"The beckoning cave"

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