Administrative activities and business management balance sheet in Venezuela

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In Venezuela, the management and administrative levels of companies are constantly faced with different situations that directly affect their operation, taking into account these considerations, the macroeconomic variables that affect the country such as the monetary reconversion, the exchange rate parity and the salary increase, among other factors.

This reality of the country has intensified the devaluation of the national currency, resulting in the increase of the prices of goods and services, causing a high inflationary level, which is caused by the low national production and therefore the shortage of goods and products.

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In reference to inflation, it should be understood that it is a phenomenon that directly affects the economic part of a country, since it occurs continuously, altering the prices of both goods and services, in this way, it should be taken into consideration that every entity requires an accounting management which allows it to successfully progress in its financial objectives

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Closing of the theme

Therefore, the management balance sheet is of utmost importance within the administrative activities, since it allows to organize and control the operations of said accounting process, as well as to reduce the inflationary risk factors to which it is exposed, allowing the elaboration of different management plans to facilitate the use of decision making.

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