IAAC #97 Making post Thumbnail on CANVA while using what I learned so far about markdown language


I hope everybody is doing great in their daily lives and enjoying it

welcome Y'all to my Blog,

This is my #97 participation In.


hey everyone I hope everyone is having a great day while learning and enjoying their life to the fullest.

so today I thought of setting up my goal related to what I want to achieve on hive not just to earn but also to grow as a content creator I know my content is not that great and I know not everybody is born perfect it's their effort that makes them great.

i created this thumbnail on canva its was surprisingly very easy to use

I have learned a lot of skills in my life like I'm an electrician also a plumber while also knowing a little bit of photoshop,video-editing and know a lot about science and technology.

I have recently started learning markdown language I learn a lot that why if you have read my previous blogs you will see that in this blog my text are in the center you can also do that by <.center>enter <./center> just remove coma from code and your good to goo.

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