IAAC #89 i was busy

Hey you, guys I hope y'all are doing great are healthy, and living your life as you want while taking care and are in the care of your loved ones.

I've been busy lately that is why I broke my daily IAAC posts Streaks what happen was I had a headache and I took my time off from spending online cause the screen light was causing my eyes to hurt which cause my headache I took medicine and I'm now fine.

After that, I was busy coping my all wallet, seed of different blockchain wallets cause I know the danger of storing them online that why I copied them on a notebook as some of you might know I take the time to store seed but first I had to find them from my files that I had physically stored there the outside of the notebook I'm not going to show that cause you know my seeds are stored there.

anyway, take care of yourself and your loved one's peace @aiovo

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