IAAC #85 MAKING Chicken Biryani

Hey, all of you on the hive platform and members of the I am alive challenge community I hope and pray that all of you are in good health and spirit while enjoying your life to its fullest.

I had some free time today so I thought of making Chicken Biryani at home. if you don't know what Biryani is? It's made up of rice and any meat and you can add eggs or vegetables such as potatoes sometimes if you want to that up to you.

I had marinated the chicken leg and thigh for 2hr and took 2 pounds of rice and soaked it in water for 30mins for it to cook fast.
and this is the end dish...
it is spicy maybe a little too spicy but is eatable Nonetheless

anyways take care of yourself and your loved one's peace @aiovo

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