IAAC #83 making roasted chicken and bought some SPS TOKEN ON LEODEX

Hey, you all I hope everybody is having a great time as always and is in good health and spirit.

I have been busy lately cause I'm making my own website on Wix I know HTML and java a little so I can get to know my way around pretty quickly. so what kind of website I'm making you might ask well it is an online store to sell products that are cheaper than some big online stores in my country if this workout I will try to expand it further in the future but as of now I'm doing it as an experiment to see if I can do it. I will also add hive payment method so I can get hive with out exchanging it from fiat. I don't know how to get that plugin so I would love if you could guide me on that @thelogicaldude
cause the @hivelist community is all about E-commerce no?


I have also bought some SPS tokens after reading the post about it and thought it might be getting listed on more exchanges cause if it does get listed on big exchanges like Ku-coin & finance it will be too late to buy I didn't had many hives in my wallet but I still bought it with all that I got.

today after a long day of working I wanted to eat something hot and spicy so I bought 4 pounds of it. I had it marinated for now and will fry it after I'm done with work. I love to eat it with chili & garlic Sauce what about you guys?

anyway take care yall and stay safe from covid cause I don't want any of you to lose your sense of smell and taste and not be able to taste what the world has to offer peace out @aiovo

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