iaac #127 pc power supply got faulty

Welcome Y'all to my Blog,
This is my #127 participation In.

Hey how are you guys doing I hope everyone is having a great time 😎

So I had an issue with my pc in the evening I needed to claim my atom staking reward so I needed to turn my pc on so I can access my wallet but there was some issue and it keep getting restarting it was not a boot loop or anything like that it was more like supply issue supply wasn't taking the load.

I had an orange light on the power button and it keep rebooting I think that is a supply issue but I'm not sure cause there might be a problem with the board if it boards then it's gonna cost a lot to repair so I will try to get it to fix tomorrow as today is Sunday.

supply can damage other pc components like a hard drive where data is stored and as I deal with a load of crypto I have a wallet on my pc with seed and JSON files. lucky I have a backup in the USB drive. I try to backup important data weekly.

I learn from my mistake a few years ago when I lost a few thousand dollars of crypto cause my hard drive stopped working and I had no backup whatsoever at a time I didn't care as back then they were a few bucks worth of crypto but now they worth a lot so it's very important to keep a backup.

so take it from me and do backup your wallet seeds and JSON FILES

I am grateful to be alive and get to live a happy life 😎

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