Getting started boxing as a hobby iaac 130

Welcome Y'all to my Blog,
This is my #130 participation In.

Hey how are you guys doing I hope everyone is having a great time 😎

So I had been swamped lately and didn't get time for myself before covid I used to be very active in the running and loved to play soccer as it had been 4 years since pedantic started but we still follow sops.

also, I had gotten fatter as I didn't have much physical work to do these few year.
A lot of you people might have experienced similar circumstances as me.
a few days ago I was shopping online there some seller was selling boxing set for a few bucks I thought it might be fun to through few punches at the punching bag while doing some leg movement will be a great way to build strength and I would also be able to defend myself if i ever got in fight while also losing some fat getting lot of benefit from it

Today I got my delivery with a glove bag and a few other pieces of equipment I watch some online videos on how to fill this bag so the first set was to have the base of cardboard so I did just that and I also needed to make sandbag while finding some old cloths to use as a cushion

I will do the rest of the process tomorrow as I need to buy sand or get it from some construction site and finding old cloth will be a hazard I will as some friends of mine as I will be needing a lot of them.

I also tried punching on a mitt pad for a few min it felt great and I Inow i will be in a lot of pain as i didnt do some workout in a long time

I am grateful to be alive and get to live a happy life 😎

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