Powered Up 100+ HIVE for my first HivePUD in 2021! (January 1st)

I just Powered Up 101 HIVE from my earnings. [TxID]

For those new to Hive Power Up Day: #HivePUD is an initiative to let Hive owners increase their stake in Hive by powering up liquid Hive into HP. It occures in the first day of each month and is run by @traciyork...

There are many benefits of powering up including increased upvote value. Powering up on HivePUD will also give you a badge on @hivebuzz's website. Check mine!

I took part multiple times before. In the first two times I used my NFT sales to power up. I stopped after the third time because I don't have time for art anymore. I hope to go back to it though~

I don't have more to say this time, but I don't want to take unnecessarily long, so, I wish you all a nice day/night!

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