I Function (Short Story)

A look into the daily life of a depressed teenager. (Author Notes at the end.)


I Function

I don’t live. I function.

I wake up.

I force myself to look at the time.

I’m only 1 hour late to school.

Too bad.

I go to the fridge for leftovers.

I encounter an angry father by the fridge.

I tell him, I’m late the school.

Better not go.

He lists out the reasons I should go.

I don’t blame him. He’s been supportive.

I don’t listen. I function.

I go to school.

I force myself on the way.

I was asked why I was late?

I don’t give excuses. I function.

It’s exhausting.

I encounter a surprise quiz.

I don’t answer. I function.

In the break. I was asked why I’m not playing like I used to.

They’re being supportive.

I don’t play. I function.

I go back home.

I’m exhausted.

I connect to the internet.

I chat with fellow gamers.

I don’t play games. I chat.

I was asked why I don’t play games anymore.

They're being supportive.

I give excuses.

I chat with the gamers.

They all go to sleep.

I realize I should sleep too.

I go to bed.

I don’t sleep. I function.

[The End]

Author Notes

I Function, is the feeling I have when I do things I don't want to when I have to. I don't feel like I'm living, just doing what I'm supposed to do as a machine.

Luckily, I only need to do that a few minutes in a while, in my life, or it would've been a slow suicide process.

That last point is what I tried to capture in this story: "Depression is a slow suicide process," and I think we all should seek help.

This is an idea that was sparked while writing another story of mine. It was simple so I finished this one before going back to the other story I've been writing. So, I hope you enjoyed reading it.

I Function by @ahmadmanga is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

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