Hive Power Up Day: March 2022

A lot of things happened in February: I've caught Covid and recovered from it. I took part in a Game Jam, and I've been more active on Hive than in previous months, but not the most active I've been. It was also a good month for me in terms of gaming. I found a good balance between work and game time.


#HivePUD is a monthly event to encourage people to Power Up their liquid HIVE. The event is managed by @traciyork and you'll find all the information you need in her announcement post. This account of mine doesn't qualify for the main prizes, but I like taking part in this event.

My Power Up Activity:

There's also the Power Up Month challenge by Hivebuzz.
I hope to take part in March's #HivePUM. after I missed February's challenge. I won't make winning this challenge my priority since my last attempt, (January,) was too challenging & stressful. I prepared some posts & ideas for this month, so hopefully, it won't be as hard.

Previous #HivePUD Posts:

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