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Logic quite often killed some of my most romantic moments, and it even acted as a handbrake when I think of some chances that I blew up by using it excessively, but I can't set it aside or live it in the desert, and I always search for reasons, causes, explanations, karmas, and so on, in almost anything... that bothers my mind for a while.

What is bothering my mind lately is this old virus, and the pandemic around it, that has locked almost the whole planet indoors and has transformed us somehow into criminals, mostly unemployed and poor ones, from free citizens. To be honest it's the panic, pandemic and manipulation around this virus that annoys me more than the virus itself.

But the whole situation, economical, social and political, is being created around the virus, and nothing more. The reasoning for the lock down seems legit, but is the man created image of the virus legit? Is it really that deadly, that much infectious, and it can make us suffer that much, so we need to be held inside pretty much like inmates?

Hence the first question mark that should arise inside of many of us is: has anyone seen/heard of anyone that got the virus, and died from it, or heard the recovery story in detail?. Here I'm not referring to media shared cases and numbers, because the media is considered the fourth power in state, and its power is given by the influencing ability that it has over its consumers, and the ability to make stories and not report facts as it should.


I live in a small town in Romania, where no case has yet been discovered, I have my parents living in Austria, I have friends in one of the biggest cities in Romania, friends in Sweden, Italy and Germany, and no one has yet any story about someone that contacted the virus. I haven't heard of any real life infection case by now, other than what youtube has to offer, and what the media outlets have actually shared on youtube and other sites.

If it is that contagious, deadly and spread around the world how come no one, around here, or in real life, meaning outside social media, is not aware of any case? How come everything that we see regarding this virus is only on TV and in the newspapers but nothing in the real world?

I guess because this virus, considering that it is a real one and an active one, doesn't do the job that the media tells us about. It's not that spread around the world, it doesn't kill people, more than it usually does when labeled as the flu, and it really isn't a serious threat. Still we're almost all confined to stay inside and nobody asks why.

My simple minded logic tells me that if it's just a flu, and nothing more, we shouldn't live all like this, hence we should start asking questions, in large groups all over the world and not as simple individuals, because individuals hardly succeed in changing anything in the world.

All we have about it, is numbers on a screen, some blurry recordings in so called quarantined hospitals where the doctors are seemingly treating infected patients, and from what I noticed most of the ones appearing in those blurry videos are old folks. Nothing against old folks, because much of what we have now has been built on their backs, but what if the media is only filming some intensive therapy rooms where mostly old terminally ill patients are present, and telling us that they're Corona infected?


I haven't found yet any testimony, trustworthy one of course, from someone who got infected, explaining how it felt and how it got better and what we could expect from it. All we have is media reports on the topic, police and army on the streets acting like puppets, mostly against us in my opinion, a dying economy, a social crisis and a lot of mystery around some silent killer that keeps us inside for too long if you ask me.

I decided not to use numbers related to infection cases, deaths and so on, because I believe they're manipulated, but even if they were real and we would compare them with other deadly diseases we would notice that cancer, heart disease, diabetes and others are killing more people each day than this... flu. Did any government ever banned cigarettes, sugary beverages, sweets and other chemicals filled foods that we ingest every day? Did anyone punished any company for stressing its employees?


Do they really care about us and our health? If yes, I guess they would have taken measures towards other legal and easy accessible death causes that are still being sold in markets and even advertised on TV, which they actually didn't. So, it's not about us and our health, it's about something else, and there are some questions that should arise soon. Otherwise we will end up imprisoning ourselves for longer than we can imagine.

Fear never created anything worth mentioning, nor found any liable solution to any constrictive problem, and the way I see it, there's too much fear around people these days. But is it man made... and why?

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