Fined, Confined and Uninformed...


I live without TV for about fifteen years, and I'm very proud of that, I also ditched Facebook and all of its shitty apps for almost three years, an exception being whatsapp that I quit just about a month ago or so. I refuse almost any sort of mainstream media consumption, especially political related, and I am highly convinced that media was never invented to benefit the citizens but to play against them.

Having no TV nor facebook, got my a ticket today for not being informed. Yes, the fucking police stopped me on the sidewalk with the sirens and asked for my affidavit of my reasoning to be outside. Being off society's channels of mass information I had no clue of such papers that I need to carry with me, and so, I got myself in trouble for wandering around free in my hometown. A town, part of a country that I hate more and more by the day...

The policeman acted as if I should have known about these shitty procedures and that it is my fault for being an outsider, as he called me, and he doesn't have any other option than to give me a fine of around $12, which I will have to pay in 48 hours...and I will do, because otherwise they will tie it to my bank account and sooner or later when I will need to use that damn account I will be confined to pay it.

It's not about the damn fine that I am pissed of the most, but about his attitude towards me, treating me like I was some sort of a criminal. From what I know they're tasks, among other totalitarian state ones, are to inform and help citizens as well, but they don't seem to do that. He could have at least direct me towards the place/places where I can grab myself this shitty affidavit that I need to carry with me whenever I get out of the house.

Instead he was continually accusing me of not getting informed from TV, facebook and other lame mass information channels. Now that I think a bit clearer it was the town's task to inform us about all this. I mean, they know my address when there's electioneering to send me fliers with political puppets to vote, but during a national emergency state they forgot to inform us about this lock down and what we can and can't do.

As I stated before I intuitively believe that this virus is real but I don't believe in its mass killing abilities and I don't think the number of deaths that are being spread throughout the media are real. The virus might be real, but the pandemic and what they're trying to force us to believe is unreal in my opinion.

All of this is just a catalyst for a global financial crisis, that was talked about for some time, for a health and social crisis, and for more mass surveillance and control measures. Quiet a few tweets I read about governments tracking users data more than they usually do, these days, and being able to send messages to the ones gathering in groups to just...bust the party and leave. Norway and Israel, from what I remember, are in this situation.

I guess this virus is contagious, but not 100% convinced, and we should avoid gathering in crowds, but they really busted the wrong guy. I am not a social person at all and I walk, in 99,99% of the cases, alone. BUT from all of the people that were passing by they got me and fined me. I guess it was my green jacket that attracted them. I should have worn another one, but I only got three, and two of them are orange and green... :))

I like vivid colors but it seems they're too much attention attractive. Anyway... I hope this whole pandemic will be over as soon as possible, but the precedents for such obvious mass surveillance and population tricks will transform them into real life laws that will ultimately abolish our freedom. Not to mention about the economical implications that this pandemic has. Funny that they care that much about my health, confining me to stay inside, but don't care about my social security at all or how will get over it and where do I get my sustenance resources.

They don't care... This reminds me about the Michael Jackson song They don't really care about us, and how alive his message is nowadays. Not to mention George Orwell's books...

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