About Freedom of Speech - The Second Most Viewed Live Stream on Youtube, Hosting David Icke on The Topics of Coronavirus and 5G, Gets Banned


Coronavirus is probably one of the most discussed topics worldwide, and probably not in many years from now, Bitcoin will be the same. But until Bitcoin becomes a hot topic for everyone to talk to, even grandparents at the supermarket, we have freedoms that are being stolen during this pandemic, and we have a censorship taken place, typical Youtube, that reminds me of the communist regime and its practices.

Yesterday, on the London Real youtube channel, the famous human rights and freedoms fighter, David Icke, invited by the host of the London Real show, but also the London Real CEO, Brian Rose, was broadcast live. "David Vaughan Icke is an English conspiracy theorist and former footballer and sports broadcaster. He is the author of over 20 books and numerous DVDs and has lectured in over 25 countries", according to wikipedia.

David is not the kind of man, or at least does not seem, to be self-censored in order to please the public or to fit the modern rules of journalism bought by the oligarchs of the world and controlled by them, and Brian Rose knew this, having him as a guest many times until this live interview yesterday in its show, which can also be found on youtube. Even I distributed this live stream yesterday, on Hive and Steem, but near the end unfortunately, and I did not thought to record it somehow to have it offline and eventually upload it to threespeak or Dtube.


I did not do this because I would not have imagined that it would be deleted by youtube, the platform owned by Google almighty, that has proved in the past countless times that it can, and even censures, any material considered to violate the terms and conditions, for its users, without any notice. The proof is precisely the channel of Alex Jones, another media personality who cannot be considered mainstream at all, who was equally censored, and his videos were deleted, and basically wiped out of social media.

Yesterday before the show started, Brian Rose posted a short video on London Real's YouTube channel, confessing that he received numerous phone calls from close friends who advised him not to do this interview with David Icke, and he even reported that he did not knew for sure if he will be able to reach London Real, and he has since suspected he would be censored, but he has not canceled this event and for the sake of freedom of speech and free journalism done it anyways.

The live stream lasted about two and a half hours and recorded 63,000 unique viewers at one point, being the second live in youtube history to reach these levels. However, shortly after it ended, it was deleted by youtube, without any explanation, and today it has been deleted from Vimeo, being accessible only on the official London Real website. Why did all this happen?


Because David Icke had the courage to question this pandemic created by Coronavirus, he made some connections between what happens to us all, being forced to stay inside, and mass installation of 5G antennas in the world, talked about how the cases reported as COVID-19 can be handled and falsified to generate panic, what is being done by creating this pandemic, who are the ones who hide behind it, mentioned being, besides many others, both Bill Gates and Elon Musk.

Because this video is no longer online to be accessible to anyone eager for information and freefom of speech, I will make a brief summary of what David discussed and what we might expect, after we leave this pandemic behind.

I mentioned earlier in my other posts that David considers the number of infected, but also of the deaths caused by this virus to be exaggerated, and personally although I came to the conclusion that this virus is real and creates victims, it is used at the same time to create this pandemic and to bring us a step closer to a diabolical Orwellian state, of which George Orwell wrote in his book in 1948.


One of the first theories according to which David Icke believes this pandemic was created is that, while we are forced to stay in homes to avoid contracting this virus, 5G antennas are installed to speed up the world roll out of such a radio frequency and technology. In fact, the association of Coronavirus with 5G, in this interview, was the very reason why the youtube interview conducted by Brian Rose was censored. 5G, according to David Icke, would have very adverse effects on human health, one of the organs affected being the lungs, and until now there is no official study on health effects performed by any installing company, although the antennas are installed almost everywhere and the technology is ready in our pockets.

No one asks the world's population if we want such frequencies. After all, aren't we the ones who should decide that?

The next hot topic that has been discussed, and which in my opinion is pure conspiracy, are the vaccines that would appear on the market shortly, meant to defend us against this virus. According to Icke, all the companies that work for this vaccine are funded by Bill Gates, and if you remember, not long ago, Bill Gates said a vaccine could help keep the world's growing population under control. Voila ... Moreover, David says that within this vaccine, there could be introduced nano-chips designed to control a lot in the the bodies of those injected with this vaccine, with the help of 5G and AI.

In addition to the above, the topic of digital currencies was also mentioned, but not as we know the vast majority of us, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other currencies. He argues that one of the consequences of this crisis will be the establishment of a digital currency that practically kills the cash as we know it, and which will be available to you and I to use exclusively through the smartphone, in the beginning, which can be controlled by banks and authorities. thus giving them absolute control over our personal finances and even our personal privacy.


Mentioning Elon Musk, who seems to have recently obtained the right to launch 42,000 satellites into the orbit to transmit 5G signal to the earth's antennas, which seem to be installed in a great hurry while we are locked in houses, but are also set on fire in the UK at the same time, this mix of tens of thousands of 5G satellites and antennas will create a soup around the earth, which will not only adversely affect our health, but will help the enslavement of humanity even stronger.

Also related to Elon Musk, he was talking about autonomous electric cars, which will definitely replace those on internal combustion, and operated by AI, will decide for us, according to the social profiles that we will have in the future, asthe Chinese have today, if we have the right to move where we want to, or not, restricting in this way the right and freedom of movement more than we could imagine.

Because we mentioned previously the vaccines that will save us from the COVID-19, the same David Icke, argues that they will further restrict our right to travel, being absolutely mandatory in traveling to one country and emigrate, and that the proof of this vaccination will be an invisible tattoo, but detectable with the help of special scanners installed at the borders or in airports, which honestly makes a lot of sense. If they want us totally under control and the nano chips inside the vaccines are the way to accomplish that, then such vaccines would be mandatory.. to enslave.


In addition to the Coronavirus association with 5G, one of David Icke's statements that contributed to the censorship of his interview was the appointment of the BBC as a governmental organization and not a free press trust, and the BBC then confirmed in a news release regarding the censorship of this interview they were the ones who asked youtube to download that live stream, and Youtube did exactly what it was asked for.

Youtube has repeatedly shown that it is a centralized platform that censors absolutely everything they want, in the name of violating the terms and conditions by some users, and countless crypto youtubers accounts that have been censored are proof of this statement. The question that arises at the end of this article is how much free speech we still have, as free citizens of the world, in the midst of dozens of media outlets that certainly manipulate the information and their consumers, considering that the Constitution of each country gives us the right to this information.


Maybe not everything that David Icke has said is real and he said a ton in that interview, but does he, like us, have his right to his opinion and expression of it? Looking around we can see that the media lies to the masses, youtube, twitter and facebook censure us, personal mobile data is stolen and controlled, physical freedom is restricted, and we do nothing about it. After all, what are our rights and freedoms anyway? Do we still have them?

It seems absurd to me that in the name of a virus that has killed far fewer people than a seasonal flu has achieved in a year, we are forced to stay in homes while fundamental freedoms are stolen behind our backs. Does it look normal to you? Have you ever asked yourself this question?... There are so many questions that remain unanswered and so many actions by governments that make no sense that everything seems silly and absurd about all that happens in the world, while we are confined at home.

Images are not mine, and are downloaded from pixabay and google

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