4 week old puppy update…

Here are a couple of the little poppets that have kept me busy for the last few weeks!

This is Bobby Bear…

This is Tigers Eye…

This is Dotty Jr…

This is Brandy Snap…

They are now 4 weeks old and starting to eat solid food. I feed my puppies on a raw food diet, made by nutriment. It comes in handy chubs and are frozen so it is safe to handle and store.

They started with royal canin mousse but now they have learned to eat, their teeth are coming through and they are ready for meat. As you can see they are soon full to the brim!

Mum Dotty, is glad of the rest. She is now enjoying taking a step back and getting plenty of cuddles and fusses for all the hard work she has done ❤️

Thats our pupdate on week 4! I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Goodbye for now from myself, the puppies and Dotty! 😍🥰💙💜

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