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Hello #Hive ❤️

The Dutch Hive Meetup proved to be an absolute highlight, setting the bar for excellence. This gathering marked a special occasion with engaging presentations and an opportunity to introduce newcomers to the vibrant world of Hive. Despite initial plans for @stekene, @cooperclub, @play-2-earn and @brittandjosie to grace the event, unforeseen personal commitments held them back. Nevertheless, the dynamic presence of @artakush, @minigunner, @dovycola, @bambukah, and @loonatic ensured that the meetup was not lacking in enthusiasm.

Much to our delight, the charismatic Bambukah and his incredible circle of friends expanded the reach of the event. Attendees not only hailed from the Netherlands and Belgium but also made a remarkable journey from France. This unexpected international flair added an extra layer of excitement, and we couldn't be more thrilled about their participation.

Image by @minigunner & Merch sent by @tibfox

Before the Livestream

Minigunner, Artakush, and Dovycola reached the city of Middelburg in Zeeland around 11:30 and strolled for about 15 minutes to the #meetup venue, which was hosted at the lovely Hotel "Princenjagt." If you find yourself in Zeeland and in need of accommodation, consider checking out Princenjagt and mention that you are affiliated with Hive - https://www.princenjagt.nl.

Before long, Bambukah and his girlfriend @achara1202 joined the gathering, arriving with broad smiles and a sizable box of Belgian beer. It seems we inadvertently turned the occasion into a #beersaturday, @detlev! 😁

Image by @achara1202
Image by @artakush

The assistance of Belgian beer facilitated the commencement of setting up the meeting space. It took us approximately an hour to locate the optimal positions for the projector, seating arrangement, as well as the ideal spots for displaying merchandise and setting up the camera for live #streaming the meetup.
Image by @loonatic
Image by @achara1202 Image by @achara1202 Image by @achara1202
Image by @achara1202 Image by @achara1202 Image by @achara1202
Image by @loonatic

The Livestream

We found ourselves in a situation where we were uncertain about the appearance of the meetup location, prompting us to hastily improvise our plans. Time was not in our favor, as our initial plan involved conducting a live stream on #YouTube, necessitating a minimum of 50 subscribers. Thanks to the incredible #support from the Hive #Community, we reached the required subscriber count. However, a 24-hour waiting period before initiating the live feed disrupted our timeline, and we couldn't meet the deadline.

Faced with this setback, we decided to switch to Twitch for the #livestream. Although the transition went smoothly, we encountered a new challenge—losing the entire #stream. While we aren't well-versed in the workings of Twitch, we suspect that the file sizes were too large, preventing them from being saved on the phone used for streaming during the meetup. As the saying goes, we live and learn from such experiences.

The Livestream went pretty well. We had some small hickups like the sream being off, but we managed to get it to work very fast. Streaming with #phone is not very practicle when the system is trying to update 😁

Big thank you to @unklebonehead for capturing the last frame of the Stream


We prepared two distinct presentations for this meetup. The initial presentation delved into CBRS, where we discussed our community and its members, highlighted accomplishments to date, provided an overview of our activities in 2023, and outlined a roadmap detailing our plans and expectations for 2024.

CBRS presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1lErr2htTRN8Yur2XOZDlDnJsAw0s1h2wpKuFcXsz5vQ/edit?usp=sharing.

The second presentation, skillfully delivered by @bambukah, was truly captivating. He shared insights into his remarkable project, Hivelive, and detailed his contributions to #Hive. For more information, visit his website at https://hivelive.me/

Hivelive Presentation: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Oep50v9CrGZR2sUCPfwB7fvV2msuXGnI/view?usp=drive_link

It was his first time speaking in front an audience, especially on a livestream and we are very proud of him. Just remember, we all have the ability to overcome #challenges, and with Hive supporting you, there's no need to be afraid to take that leap.

Image by @loonatic Image by @loonatic
Image by @achara1202 Image by @achara1202 Image by @loonatic

After the Livestream

After the livestream, a wave of hunger swept over us, prompting a decision to satisfy our appetites. While Bambukah and his friends opted for a car ride, the rest of us strolled, relishing the sunny weather. The sight of two large tables filled with people from Hive and those supporting #Hivians was truly remarkable.

Once we had indulged in a satisfying meal, it was time for discussions and #brainstorming. Topics ranged from the game-changing #SuperHive project to @mcsamm's #Borehole project, bringing #Starlink to villages, IPFS, #Marketing, onboarding, CBRS game, and much more. The conversation was nothing short of fantastic.

I'm delighted that Loonatic and Bambukah connected, exchanged ideas, and engaged in lively discussions with a backdrop of Hive and beer 😁.

Image by @Artakush
Image by @loonatic Image by @loonatic Image by BoB
Image by @loonatic Image by @loonatic Image by @achara1202

Thank you

What a day! Meeting for the first time felt like we knew each other for a long time. The talking was easy and ideas were out of this world. Hmm, maybe it was the Belgium beer 😁

  • Thank you @bambukah for coming all the way to the Netherlands and presenting your amazing project.
  • Thank you to your girlfriend and all your friends who took the time to support you.
  • Thank you @loonatic for organizing a beautiful location and showing around your beautiful city and your friends for being there with us.
  • Thank you to #Hivecommunity for sharing our meetup on Twitter, for subscribing to our youtube channel and watching the Livestream.
  • Thank you to Princenjagt Hotel for taking us in and leting us use their space.

Dear friends, you are all welcome to join CBRS community on Discord.
Discord LINK: https://discord.com/invite/FR8vhRM75Z

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Also please join HiveLive community on Discord as well.
Discord LINK: https://discord.gg/PxtUP37xge

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