BuzzParty Recap Contest - Share your Experiences and WIN!

Our project's main aim is to promote local Hive events and meetups worldwide. Encouraging community participation at those events is key to achieving this goal.

Many of you already share your event experiences, which not only spreads excitement and insights but also motivates others to attend or organize meetups in their own local area. To celebrate this, we're hosting a contest in the C/BuzzParty community, where you can win Hive Power delegations courtesy of @steevc and @tibfox!

Your post should be about a local Hive event you have attended in the past and you want to share your experience about. This can be:

  • a regular meetup

  • a conference where Hive was presented

  • an adventure you had with another Hivian

  • a concert of your favorite Hive musician

  • an art fair of your favorite Hive artist

  • or of course the Hivefest itself!

Win one of the following delegations

1st Prize
2nd Prize
3rd Prize
1500 HP
over 2 months
1000 HP
over 1 months
750 HP
over 1 months

We'll tell you about the winners shortly after the contest has ended in a separate announcement highlighting the winning posts!

Entering the competition

  1. Write a post inside the C/Buzz Party community

  2. The post should be about a Hive meetup or event you've attended

  3. Make sure that your post is written in English (bi-lingual posts are of course valid as well)

  4. Use the hashtag #buzzpartycontest for your post

  5. it does not matter how long ago it happened

  6. You can even participate with multiple posts (but they have to cover different Hive events)

  7. Submit until October 15, 2023.

Make Your Post Stand Out

A better post will give you more chances to win so make sure to enhance your post as much as possible. You can up the quality of your recap by adding graphics, photos of the event, side notes about other attendees, location details and insights, travel tips, what you have learned at the event, and more.

We are looking forward to reading about your experiences.

Good Luck!

If you have any questions, suggestion or you simply want to have a chat with us then feel free to enter our discord server.

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