Hello, wonderful people of the hive ecosystem. It’s always a great pleasure to meet people who share the same goal and ideas with. This is how family grows. I'm glad to be a part of this family that supports and promotes hive. Meetup? We did some and it was great. Come let’s journey as I tell you how it went.


It was a great Saturday morning when had the meeting. We set out to do great things there because we were going to meet people like @depressedfuckup. I had a friend I signed up with the username @staphissah who hasn’t been able to make a post because they didn’t have a known way through. So this was an opportunity to meet and hear them tell us more about our new home and journey.
@depressedfuckup and @somed10

So @depressedfuckup and @somed10 were the moderators of the program. These are great men that lead the show. Seeing them was even a great pleasure and we were hopeful we would learn more about the blockchain. so they started the program with prayer and we journeyed from there.

Before the meeting even commenced, we had T-Shirts. These Shirts were sponsored by @mcsamm and we are grateful to him and @valueplan for their support for Ghana so far. We were the shirts to bring uniformity and show we are one under the umbrella of the hive.

After this, we had a great conversation. That was when the program started. We learned about the various frontends we can access hive. We learn of ecency where you get points for commenting, making a post, and even reblogging posts. Another one was LeoFinance where a user might also get the chance to earn leo tokens as they make posts through their frontend. Another was peakD where we get details of one’s profile.
Progressing in the meeting we spoke about how we the newbies can grow and make an impact in the ecosystem. one key point that was mentioned on was engagement. Engaging in commenting and making friends on the blockchain you have never met. It was a great program where I learned a lot of things about hive.

The meetup was great. It was a great one. One that will always be memorable. That was the first of its kind in Ghana. We are history writers and we are hopeful years to come will have more. Let’s keep this meetup. It is a way to build and make us strong together as one. Thanks for passing through.

Greetings for Ghana.

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