HiveTorch 469

made by @dmilliz in this post

Got the Thorch, 735 Hive powered up.

Kidding of course.

Got the Torch 9 hours ago from @crimsonclad. Was surprised by some extra liquid Hive in my wallet :D thanks for the confidence that i will check it out and for the trust :D

469 transactions and 736 Hive gathered. It all started 13.5.2020 so we are averaging more than 1 transaction a day. Not bad.

Went looking through the list to see who to send it to. @soyrosa was not on the list and is active in the last week. After sending it remembered that she is probably still on vacation (as she is posting updates from beautiful Netherlands countryside), hope i did not complicated this for you :D

If you want to learn more about HiveTorch idea check out this post by stayoutoftherz

Visit the same post if you want to see the list of people that had the HiveTorch and moved it forward.

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