The long and straight length of road.

The distance of road stretched out before me is what is laid out as the plan for the day.
The village in front and one behind there are many more along the way. Each one ready for the time that the rice is just right and ready for the moment that the green turns to gold of an off white.
A look to the right brings other distances into sight of what might be other places to go see look listen talk and perhaps stay some time.
A look to the left is what this picture above is. The land plots are separated and yet share the same water source. Here are a few more angles of this spot.

The mountains in the background bring out the foreground and show what might just be the beauty of why this place is so popular.
One step off the road and there is a lot more to be hold of what this place has in store for me to see.
A lot more to come but I must head up the road and then we will see what there is in stock to see.
Now this is the direction I shall head to go. Slowly slowly as I stop many times to see. Thanks for riding along with me.

  • Thanks for having a quick look at a moment of my day as I wander the roads rolled along as ones does while see the country from the steel horse in, Vietnam.
    Check out Pinmapplefor my map of places that I have been and will go back to in time.

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