High on the Hai Van pass in Da Nang - Hue

Looking at the map and one would not suspect this twisted pile of roads would be anything more different special or unique about the road...but I was wrong....I was mistaken....I was looking at it all wrong.

Yet I could not see what they were talking about. The roads were all beautiful and lovely and hard to ride and yet worth the effort to get there. But this was something different, so I was told. That I should ride this road and enjoy the pavement, scenery, view, sounds, smells, turns and twists. and that it I did.

It twisted and turned and rounded up and down ever more up and up the road turned up nice long corners on smooth paved road that allowed one to lean without the fear of rocks, debris, cows, people, car, and trucks on the road to make you slip off and possible fly off a cliff. But not here...

The beach below is a place I'll come back to in a day and check out. But lets get on more about the road and what was seen on it.

Those are some nice twists.

A view from almost the top....the top was crowded and full and not as nice as this angle I found a way from all the crowds and mayhem of tour busses.

Lower down the road to the north as this dramatic area landscape starts to emerge.

I quite like seeing this on the side of the road and often wonder how good the gas is and if you get some water with the gas as well.

I did not bother to buy and try this gas just wondering and passing by and thought it had nice phot qualities.
It is time for me to stop for the day find a place and then plan out the next day of going back up the Hai Van pass and then to the waterfalls and pools for a cool off swim...but that is tomorrow.

These pictures were taken on the side of the road heading up the Hai Van pass on the border of the towns of Thua Thien - Hue province and Danang City. A lovely ride worth doing a few times...and ill have more images after riding the Hai Van pass a few times....there are waterfalls and natural pools we shall be looking at next.

  • Thanks for having a look at a ride you can only know how it is after riding it a few times...perhaps next time you will be showing me where you have gone. Take the risk and ride the road life is so much more then you thought it would be just before it was what it is for there is no better way.

Check out Pinmapple for my map of places that I have been and will go back to in time.

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