Hive Cebu - Pitik Photography Shots #17

I love these kids coz not only are they pretty girls but they are also not shy in front of a camera
Even though obviously they are not models but their confidence is oozing out and is making me happy. It's rare to see kids like these who will actually do a pose for a stranger. Well not really a total stranger but still right?
I like this girls beauty coz she really is your typical filipina beauty. Most filipinas want their skin to be white but this girl has a brown skin. She looks white coz of the flare from the sun but her skin is brown
I just love Morena (Brown Skin) girls. I really feel they represent what a true filipino beauty is like. While most filipino people love pearly white skin for me I love the Morena girls. Not that I don't appreciate the white girls
This girl also has brown skin but it's light brown unlike the first girl which is my ideal type of morena. Again it's not like I don't find girls with lighter skin pretty. It's just my personal preference
This girls beauty is mostly classified as beautiful in the common eyes of the Filipinos. I'm pretty damn sure she is quite popular among her peers
Candid shots are still the best. People are beautiful when they pose properly but during Candid shots where true beauty shines. Just like how this gay guy smiles like there is no tomorrow.
For me it's these kinds of beautiful smiles which really defines ones beauty. It's the beautiful inside is what matters. I hope these kids will grow beautifully and wonderfully.

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Hello everyone! It's another day and it's another walk again for me. While walking I will always bring my Panasonic Lumix FZ80 with me so I can take random shots at people or take shots from people who asks me to take a picture of them.

I was finally done with all my Sibonga Community College Intramurals pictures and now it's time for me to go out and take pictures in the wild again. And todays catch is really lovely, these are students who were practicing dancing in our Heritage Park and one of our mutual friends called out to me coz they wanted to have their pictures taken and I obliged happily.

I didn't regret coming to them coz these guys are amazing. Not only are they all beautiful girls they also very good at doing poses for photographers. Well not to a level of models but I still think they are very pleasing to the eyes even thought they don't have any make up on.

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