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Looking back isn't going to help you! Moving forward is the thing to do.

-- McKayla Maroney

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Until we perfect time travel, we can only move forward through life. While knowing about the past is good for having a basis by which to plan for the future, dwelling on the past to the point of obsession doesn't do us any good.

Time spent-- or even wasted-- in obsessing about things we did in the past could have been put to better use in planning for the future and in strengthening our weaknesses so that we don't repeat the same mistakes which got us obsessing over the past in the first place.

Just as we need to stand up after we get knocked down in order to keep moving forward, we need to give the past only the time it deserves and nothing more; only then can we move on and move forward.

Some Information about McKayla Maroney

McKayla Rose Maroney was born in Long Beach, California, US on 1995-December-9.

McKayla Maroney is best known as a member of "The Fierce Five" group on the US women's gymnastics Olympic team which competed at the 2012 London Summer Games. As an Olympian, she won a Gold Medal in the team competition and a Silver Medal in the vault.

At age 9, she attended the Olympic trials to qualify for the team going to the 2004 Athens Summer Games. She was not selected for that team, but she used the experience to prepare for participation in future Olympic trials. During the next four years, McKayla Maroney quickly progressed from Level 5 to Level 10 in her development. This is when she began to compete in national-level gymnastics competitions and tournaments.

At 13, in 2008, she finsihed 3rd in the vault at the Visa Cahmpionship in Dalas, texas, US, and she finished in 27th place overall.

In 2009 McKayla Maroney finished in 7th place at the CoverGirl Classic in Chicago, Illinois, US. She also finished 1st in the vault at the Visa Championship in Harford, Connecticut, US; by then she had made the vault her specialty. Also at the Visa Championship in Hartford, she placed 3rd all-around.

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