Camping Essentials we always carry for a convenient camping experience.


It is camping season here. And when you step out of the city, and, at permitted locations, you will see campers with their tents pitched and a fire going. It is still not very cold that you need to get a fire going. But it sure does make the experience different. I do admire how the system has made camping so organized here, and if you do have the basic essentials with you, you can always make that spontaneous camping trip.

Here are some of the essentials that we always have for our camping trip in the desert conditions.

Tent – Ok. So, we don’t have wild animals and you prefer sleeping under the stars.

But let me tell you this, the desert conditions can get really windy and chilly later in the night and when the sun is up, it can really hot if you are under the sun. We don’t forget our sunscreens too.

Toilet Tent – What? A toilet tent? Unless you are camping at a camping site, you will soon realize that you too need a toilet tent to do your downloading deeds. If you are using the toilet tent, don’t forget to stock up on some cat litter.

Camping tables and chairs, sleeping bag and a mat for the tent – The options are many. You get chairs with umbrellas, chairs with coolers, I’m guessing the options might be endless. Yes, you sure can spread out a picnic mat, but it does make the camping experience much easier.
I have seen many campers bring inflatable mattresses, well, it is because it can be difficult to sleep on sand and the rocks here. But even if you have a mat for your tent, it makes for comfortable sleeping.
Every time we go camping, I always wonder why they don’t make a camping chairs and tents with solar panels with an output to charge phones, well, we have abundant sunshine throughout the year. And we wouldn’t have to run the car to charge phones.

Barbeque Pit and reusable cutlery – If you plan to cook, then carry a barbeque pit and coal or firewood. It is not frowned upon to get the fire going on the desert sand. But remember to clean up after yourself. After you put out the fire, you are not allowed to bury the coal or the firewood in the sand. Carry a container so you carry the coal back with you, or drop it at the trash collection centers.
This is something that is very disturbing at many of the camping sites here. The amount of trash bags that are left at the trash collection sites. And almost all of the trash generated is to do with food. Disposable spoons, plates, glasses, aluminium foil containers and the like.

We carry with us so much of the camping essentials, then why should it be so difficult to carry some cutlery suitable for camping.

We do much of our cooking, and we carry our camping stove. We don’t cook up a storm, but it keeps us from staying hungry and our focus is to enjoy the outdoors and not at our makeshift kitchen.
Portable Chargers for Mobile – You never know when your phone runs out of charge. And almost all of the times, we rely on navigation systems to bring us back to the city.

Camping in the deserts can be a calming and relaxing experience. It is safe and even if you are a lone camper there is nothing to be afraid of. And if you enjoy a camping location, don’t forget to pin that location, so you can always go back.

Thank you for reading.

All photos are my own.

All photos are shot on a mobile phone.

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