Dodgers-Giants play offs!


Tonight's Dodgers-Giants NLDS playoff game poses an interesting dilemma for Red Sox fans. Both sides are managed by veterans of the hallowed 2004 Red Sox - Dave Roberts and Gabe Kapler! Plus, there are other Red Sox ties on both teams. The Dodgers have Mookie Betts (who is still much-loved in Boston, even though the trade in which he left is looking better in retrospect than at the time) and Joe Kelly (a hero of the 2018 WS team). The Giants have Mike Yastrzemski, grandson of legendary Red Sox Hall of Famer Carl Yastrzemski.

Who should Red Sox fans root for? It's a close call. But to me the deciding factor may be that Dodgers fans, like Red Sox fans, have a long history of hating the Yankees. The enemies of our enemies are our friends! At least until we meet in the World Series again.

Regardless, Red Sox fans can rest secure in the knowledge that the 2004 "Reverse the Curse" Sox will score a win tonight, no matter what the outcome!

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