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In yesterday's #Index4Index Liketu post I mentioned a bloke called Alex Hormozi who's recently become a mega hit on Youtube. Well, the other day I happened to be listening to one of Hormozi's Youtube videos and he quoted a gink called Neil Strauss and I really liked what he said, which was,

Success comes down to doing the obvious thing for an uncommonly long period of time without convincing yourself that you are smarter than you are. (Neil Strauss)

Well, just to be clear, I'm quoting Hormozi's version of the Strauss quote because I wrote it down word for word along with a lot of other excellent advice from Hormozi about achieving success through focusing on ONE thing and not getting distracted by the woman in the red dress (see yesterday's Japanese proverb for more info about all that)...

The quote packs a punch because it contains four key truths:

  1. Success is UNCOMMON...
  2. If you want to succeed, focus on the OBVIOUS things that need to be done...
  3. You will have to keep doing the OBVIOUS for a LONG TIME (which is why most people fail)
  4. Okay, so you have stuck to the OBVIOUS THING for an UNCOMMONLY LONG TIME and are beginning to see SUCCESS... Just don't blow it by thinking that makes you smart. Instead, stay dumb. Stay focused on the OBVIOUS dumbass things, and get better and better at doing them.

Or something like that.


David Hurley

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