Market Friday - Flea Market at Publika, Kuala Lumpur

Welcome to the flea market in Publika! It is an indoor flea market so we need not worry about audden rain.
A stall selling mini bonsais, how cute!!! This was a feast to my eyes!
This was an aromatherapy stall which very very pleasant essential oils. I saw this balm that I thought may suit those who are in stress.
There were clothes stalls too selling this type of vintage styled clothing.
Some ceramic made cups and also decorations. The plates were really cute and Japanese inspired.
Saw this stall selling card games. This game is named Kuih Muih, which is a type tea time snack or cakes in Malay.
Do you know what is tuak? It is fermented rice wine by the Ibans and Dayaks from Sarawak, Borneo. What a surprise to find it here. The lady kept persuading me to try but I know my alcohol tolerance is super low so I had to turn her down.
We were at a phone cover stand and my friend found this phone cover of a shotgun amusing. They even have phone cover in the shape of a knife hahaha.
These classic watches are made from wood. Looks super elegant to me.
Hmm I don't know what these instruments are called but it makes very relaxing and soothing music. One of my friends has one of these and I know it is very very expensive.

Anyone here like to walk among flea markets to check out what unique items that can be found there? I do!!! 👋🏻

I like to see small small things that are quaint and cute in flea markets. Then I can be very amazed at many homemade items which are sold in flea markets too. Though I may not buy every time, it still gives me lots of joy.

So when we had the opportunity to go to Publika Shopping Gallery, I was enthusiastic. It is not a mall I always go to, though it isn't that far from me. It is just a mall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the more affordable people. It has a lot of boutiques and restaurants. Its eateries cover a few blocks and it features one of the more known flea markets here.

Since we had some time before dinner, we decided to take a stroll down their indoor flea market. I think it is my first time to really slowly check it out, stall by stall.

We were welcome by the first stall which was selling crystals. I just took a few glances at it because I am not into crystals.

Next I went to a stall selling mini bonsai. There were also succulents sold there. All the green touch added life to this market.

After this stall there was an aromatherapy stall. Everything smelled so nice and relaxing here. Super love the scents here. Some aromatherapy stalls are overbearing and overwhelming when we walk past them right? This was nothing like that. The promoter introduced a scent stick to me. It smelled really good but I cannot remember the name of it. I saw a balm that may help a friend relieve her stress hence I took a photo of it to share with her. That was made of lemongrass and aloe Vera as well as some allantonine.

There were other stalls too selling clothes and also ceramic goods. I took some closer look but did not enquire anything. There were also stalls selling freeze dried fruits where we were offered to try their samples. I didn't because I know I get easily persuaded to buy snacks like this hahah.

My friend was very interesting in some leather card holders and wallets. Later she found some amusing phone covers in the shape of a gun and knife. That was funny.

Then we came across a stall selling tuak which is the fermented rice wine by the Ibans and Dayaks, aboriginal race from Borneo Sarawak. I feel familiar to see products from my hometown but I had to turn down the promoter who was keep offering me to try it. I am just so sorry because I have no tolerance for alcohol at all. I may feel giddy immediately.

We finally stopped at a very unique stall selling some instruments and also wooden watches as well as many other wooden products. The products were really beautiful too. Imagine handcrafted and being so unique, the price has to be at a worthy price too.

That was a pleasant walk at the Ground floor of Publika Shopping Gallery. There is another flea market at the basement level which I will bring you there perhaps the next #marketfriday! Thanks for joining me.

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