An unforgettable day at Cata bahia By: Fabian.


Hello to all my dear friends who love photography.

I hope you are very, very well on this Monday where a great week begins.

Here I am again sharing the second part of the amazing weekend trip to one of the most emblematic beaches of my country, Bahia de Cata.

I am very sorry for not having continued the next day with this second part, there have been some problems in my personal life related to the family economy that took away my concentration and energy to publish something, I did not feel in the right mood to express happiness in a publication if I was extremely stressed by the economic hardship. And my friend Jorge, was very busy with his work.

But today I am much more relaxed and here I am to tell you the second part of this trip to the beach, which was undoubtedly an unforgettable day.

If you want to see the first part you can click here:

An unforgettable day at Cata bahia (EN/ES) By: Fabian


After being 3 hours in a bus that crossed the mountains and that moved more than a carousel in disneyland, we finally arrived at 8 am, the air was so pure that you felt like your lungs were going back years. Also, the blue of the sky was so beautiful that you could see no boundary between the sky and the sea.

I was extremely desperate to get into the water, but as I had to help my wife and her family to put up the tent and put everything in order I decided to take some pictures of my surroundings, by chance there was a boat that came from fishing offshore and they had washed it to make trips to the islets that are near this bay.

I liked being there so much that after I took these pictures and put the phone away I didn't take it out again for the rest of the day, as I considered that the best pictures were the ones I kept in my mind. But I am already planning to go again, but this time I will take pictures of absolutely everything and make a series.

Thank you very much for watching and reading, I hope you liked it and I hope you have a happy day, see you until next time.

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