Exploring the wonders of the Bosque Pino in Merida/ Venezuela.

Good morning family, a pleasure to greet you and share with you one of the most beautiful landscapes of our Venezuelan Andes, a historical relic of nature itself, its climate, landscapes, the kindness and hospitality of its people, is considered the attraction of tourism.

The state of Merida is very mountainous, whose reliefs reach a great height above sea level, its structure is compact and massive, abrupt and many rock formations in its elevation, as is our beautiful Andes Mountain Range.

The Bosque Pino is located on the route to the Valley, via the Páramo de la Culata. It is one of those perfect places to meditate, walk or do exercises such as jogging and cycling, a place that has nothing to envy to any other country, full of beautiful lush pines of high altitudes, in the mornings the fog comes out very superficial, but in the afternoon at about 4 pm, it deepens covering the area, giving it a touch of mystery, you breathe pure air and absolute peace, it is spectacular to take pictures and videos.

The pines have unique shapes, you can appreciate figures of caves, arches for what we appreciate, as the photo that I capture in the attached session, in addition to its dry and cold leaves, in its intricate thickets live the various species of animals.

The photos are of my property, surrounded by my boyfriend, I used the deelp translator since my language is Spanish.

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