BeachWednesday 27 - Beach As A Showroom






For the first time, I'm posting under time pressure, under the clock.
I want to enter a contest, a contest I love and have successfully posted in for many years, but where I no longer have the "quality material" for my photos to count.
I don't want that to stop me, and at the same time, I like to show something else than is usually posted.
This is the BeachWednesday proposed by @uwelang. In order for my post, which has no chance anyway, to be admitted to the contest, I have to post in the next 9 minutes. I wonder if I will succeed?

Beach as a showroom

The beach in the photos is in Potos, a small town on the island of Thassos, Greece.

To me, the first photo means more than just a beach, it means a beach in the wishing phase. I imagine that the two children have the beach in their thoughts, in the short distance between them and the pleasure of playing in the sand.

I've got five minutes left!

I saw a beach full of chairs, so close together that it made me think of an auditorium. Where to sit and watch the sea show!

Two minutes..., one minute..., post!

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