The main street of Musa Road is lined with sculptures of the Pakistani flag (Ecency Weekly Discord Topic)


There are approximately 195 flags in the world that represent country identification; all of the flags have significant meaning and are respectful. The primary purpose of this flag is to distinguish countries from one another and to determine cultural movements. Flags, like people, have different cultures around the world, and flags help to develop these cultures.

I read @beeber's post in which she mentioned another topic of the week, which is flags. I became interested and decided to participate in this discussion by sharing my thoughts on flags. I will make every effort not to miss her topic because I am a huge fan of hers and have learned a lot from her. So this is my entry for this week in the ecencydiscord, and I'm hoping for positive feedback.

I have a few photos of flags in the shape of art work. I am a Pakistani citizen, and my lovely country has a wonderful Pakistani flag that serves as our identification. Every flag, as we all know, has different colours, and these colours have different meanings. Pakistan's flag is two colours with a star and moon printed on it. The dark green colour represents the majority, while the white colour represents the minority, and the two colours together represent unity.

What is the significance of the meaning of these colours? When designing this flag, the great leader Quaid e Azam considered respecting all religions in the country. Because Muslims constitute the majority in the country, the dark green colour represents Islam, while the minority represents other religions. However, it was clearly stated that this does not imply that everything is Islamic, but that minorities will be given special consideration and their religion will never be abused.

Thus, the overall meaning of the flag is unity, with all religions, cultures, and people of the country coming together for the benefit of the country. This is a brief overview of the Pakistani flag illustrated with images. These photographs were taken on the main double road, which was painted by some artists. Instead of capturing flags, I thought art flags would be more interesting and unique in the post.

This is an attempt on my part to present you with my country flag and some feedback on her. I attempted to capture some images that add meaning to my post, and my entry will be counted as a weekly discord topic. I hope you enjoy it as well; if you do, please leave your feedback in the comments section so that the next post will be even better. Thank you for sticking with me until the end.

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