Cultural differences in human beings and their ways of life.


Culture is valuable to every nation, and every nation follows its own culture and beliefs. Humans are born with the freedom to follow whatever culture their ancestors bring for them, and they do so. I enjoy learning about the cultures of the various people who live in the country and comparing them to my own. There are significant differences between each nation's cultures, as I have witnessed firsthand. I've travelled to many different countries, including Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, and I've noticed significant differences in their way of life, which, of course, define the culture of the nation.

Today, I'm writing to discuss the topic of Culture Difference, as raised by @beeber, and to respond to some of her questions. It's a really interesting topic, and it piqued my interest to write a post about culture. I created the images to demonstrate the cultural differences between countries. How we organise social gatherings with friends and family, as well as how we drink, eat, and engage in other activities.

What I've noticed that is normal in other parts of the world is men who are very normal to women on the streets without annoying and teasing them, but we have a bad situation where men are not polite to women and treat them as if they are their wife. This is the strange thing I noticed in my country, but in comparison to other countries, it is normal. This is my opinion, and I may be incorrect in some cases.

Until I joined the hive platform, it was my effort to share my cultural perspective with you and for you to see mine as well. However, I have seen very few of these on this Blockchain, and even fewer are here, where they share their cultural activities in their posts. You can see in the pictures that I have touched on some of my culture, such as how we drink tea and how we dress. What foods do we eat and how do we eat them? We eat rice with our hands rather than spoons, as is customary in our culture. However, spoons are now used for eating, which is a western addition.

Nature's identity is defined by culture and traditions, and culture plays an important role in describing any nation. We should tolerate and respect each other's cultures and traditions. In the photos, I've depicted some of the cultures that we practise in our community and that define our true identity. These are my responses to the topic and my thoughts on cultural differences. This is my attempt to present cultural differences and cultural aspects of my life. I hope you enjoy the post and leave your feedback in the comments section so that the next one is even better.

Thank you for sticking with me until the end.

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