PayPal Alternative, AirTM Enables You to Buy Bitcoin in Jamaica, the Caribbean, and Latin America


I'm always getting asked "How to buy Bitcoin in Jamaica?" when there are so many banking restrictions in our country. Each time a new way opens up it lasts for a few months, maybe a year then for reasons unknown they get shut down or block Jamaica entirely ie VirWox, Changelly, and most services that accept credit cards.

There are numerous stories of people paying the unfathomably high rates on Ebay, just to get their hands on some Bitcoin or BNB. In some cases paying up to 110% premiums.

Naturally, I keep an eye out for new services that truly allow the unbanked and people in bank-controlled countries like Jamaica to purchase crypto at reasonable rates. A few weeks ago I found AirTM, a PayPal alternative that enables you to purchase crypto on Binance P2P Exchange.

What is AirTM?

AirTM is a digital dollar account similar to PayPal except it uses the real exchange rates, has no minimum balances, no monthly fees, and best of all NO LOCAL RESTRICTIONS.

It uses an escrow system similar to LocalBitcoins and Paxful in which it connects buyers and sellers, peer to peer, at the best rate, and without having to search a user marketplace. AirTM completes the tedious search process within an average 10mins.

How AirTM works?

PayPal Alternative or PayPal Killer?

PayPal Killer. Why? AirTM has no restrictions right out the box. Once your account is funded you can purchase numerous popular cryptocurrencies within the app or on Binance P2P Exchange where it is seamlessly integrated.

You can fund your account with your old PayPal account, making it the best (if not only) way to purchase Bitcoin and crypto with PayPal in 2021 if you do not live in the United States. The fee/rate for doing so is the lowest I've seen in years.

AirTM is a fiat onramp based out of Mexico City. Latin American-based companies are usually open to the Caribbean. Hopefully, AirTM will bolster their presence here sooner than later. I'm not a financial advisor, and this is not financial advice, please do your own due diligence before joining and using their service.


Thanks for reading! 🙏

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