The Forecasted Costs of the Canadian Federal Government Forced BuyBack Program After Effectively Outlawing Over 1500 Different Firearm Species in an Incredible Act of Tyrannical Oppression... Plus a Legal Loophole we Can Exploit in Defiance


In a disgusting and ill thought out move cherry picked straight out of the book of tyranny the Canadian federal government laid down a heavy handed ban on a huge number of popular sporting and hunting rifles in the wake of the potentially staged black flag operation perpetrated by Gabriel Wortman which happened in the eastern province of Nova Scotia in 2020 resulting in the reported deaths of 22 and injuring an additional 3 folks before getting gunned down himself by the RCMP.

Now regardless on if this was a deranged individual acting alone or perhaps some type of staged attack it goes down as a dark day in history for the great white north which was quite concerning to many, as up here we don't have nearly the frequency of gun related violence in comparison to our 2nd amendment wielding neighbours to the south. Shooting sprees simply put weren't really "a thing" up here and while it was an extremely unfortunate situation for many families that day the government response triggered by the incident is nothing short of absolutely draconian.

A broad definition ban on or mass reclassification to prohibited on all firearms deemed "assault weapons" by the Canadian government rolled out announced as the "Order In Council (OIC) Firearms Prohibition" ultimately resulting in a count around 1500 different models of popular firearm being deemed completely illegal for a citizen to own or.. or alternatively moving them into the most difficult gun license tier to get granted in Canada. Obtaining a license to legally possess firearms is a law enforced out of fear of incarceration for non-compliance and having a firearm in your premises or on your person without holding the government licensing can range from a few thousand dollar fine to up to 6 months in jail, with this "lenient" sentencing only given out if you're caught with a firearm that isn't on the prohibited or restricted list. The minimum for being caught with an unlicensed prohibited or restricted start at a minimum of 1 year in jail, a fine starting around $3000 -$5000 and with repeat offenders or those caught multiple times or with multiple restricted weapons facing up to 10 years of prison and fines reaching upwards beyond $10000 in extreme cases.. Holy fucking shit. What?

Who the fucks business is it if a person has a firearm for their own personal use and has no intention nor history of violent crime and use it to hunt, to protect livestock or for home defense?

Smells like ill thought out Tyranny masquerading as population protection from where I am..

"Let's Ban Scary guns and Jail Anyone Who Disagrees"

- Canadian Prime Embarrassment Turdeau (probably)

( Dr. Death from Deterrence Dispensed with his slick craft made anti-tyranny toy - Coming to a Boog Near You! )

For simply minding your own god damn business and having a few nice unlicensed guns in your safe without jumping though a bunch of government paper hoops an in doing so effectively surrendering your rights to privacy and being able to legally refuse to having your house visited and searched by police at any time they deem necessary can put you behind bars for a few or up to 10 years.

One major thing worth mentioning about seeking to acquire any firearms license beyond the entry level government "required" PAL (Possession and Acquisition License) effectively waives that persons right to refuse police entry to their dwelling as by holding an RPAL (Restricted Possession and Acquisition License) as part of holding this license allows the RCMP to enter your property at any time, without your permission or a warrant in order to be able to confirm you are safely storing and still in possession of your prohibited or restricted firearm.

Now Besides The MASSIVE Government Over-Reaction, Here is the Real Fucking Kicker that is Absolutely FUCKED

In some effort to save face or perhaps more likely try to avoid a potential armed coup uprising from taking off, the ever thoughtful dickheads we refer to as our federal government announced a buy back program to partially reimburse Canadians handing in guns they previously legally purchased and owned that found themselves on the wrong end of the newly prohibited or restricted/banned lists.. Check out the list of prohibited, restricted or outright banned firearms platforms HERE.

It's estimated from their records that anywhere between 150,000 to 518,000 firearms are expected by the government to be handed in with the buyback program estimated to "cost the government" anywhere between $47 million to $756 million of fucking taxpayers money, paid back to them in return for disarming them effectively... So they plan to give us our own tax dollars / money back in return for the guns we as a society had owned basically up until last year without issue all because this government has decided we can't be trusted with because one fucking mentally ill, potentially government driven or sponsored dickhead shot up a few dozen people..? Are you fucking serious?

Let that sink in for a second.. These fucking absolutely moronic fucks in the Canadian parliament are trying to effectively pay us off, with our own god damn tax dollars, in order to try to avoid a potential armed ousting of the absolutely repugnant fucks shoving this shit down our throats..

Like... Am I out of line here in saying that we should be as a country (hell, as citizens of earth even) that is supposedly made up of free citizens collectively agree as current or future gun owners and tell the government to go off and fuck themselves to death with a barbed wire wrapped bat???

Nova Scotia was a Tragedy, But WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?


While I hate to bring in the rates of US gun violence or firearm related crime into this conversation as frankly it's too easy picking to point out.. But like.. the US has had more mass shooting incidents in the past two decades than I can even count on my fingers and toes.. But we have one "actual" mass shooting spree and it's taken as reason for the government of Canada to effectively move to disarm the population because anything resembling or based off of a military or sporting rifle featuring modular mounting options for including accessories like front guard handles or flashlights or lasers is all of a sudden something Canadian citizens that for years have owned it all of a sudden shouldn't be trusted with them.. Then enforcing the stripping of these firearm platforms from the citizens hands under threat of up to 10 years in jail for non-compliance..? Does nobody else think this is the government way the fuck overstepping their bounds and practically asking to be removed by force due to perpetrating tyranny through rule by force or penalty of incarceration and fines... WTF.

How in the actual fuck does one incident in which sadly a number of people died, but perpetrated by one single disturbed individual somehow justify having the government decide they can dictate what guns you have locked in your weapons safe. Not sure if the government realizes this yet but banning weapons does not stop criminals or potential mass shooters from obtaining firearms capable of killing people while effectively punishing responsible, non-violent or criminal firearms owners..

This whole fucking situation is fishy as fuck if you asked my honest opinion. While majority of Canadians are decent, law abiding people who use their firearms in ways that don't involve going Rambo in the town... there is still going to be a hardened criminal element within society that will maintain their machine guns and restricted illegal unlicensed pistols, so what you effectively end up doing is disarming the population to be able to defend themselves against career criminals..

Not only fucking that either, what they are doing is making it almost certain that in the next instance of some fucking psycho gets his hands on a nice semi or fully auto rifle and starts going full retard like Rambo killing people in some sick unhinged whack at besting the current national kill streak high score off 22 set by Gabriel Wortman, that people who otherwise would have probably gladly pulled out their AK or AR-15 and greased the active shooter saving people as heroes as supposed to against deranged fucks killing people for sport are left to use their grampas old rusty shotgun or a fucking single shot muzzle loader as that is all they'll be able to own without signing their life away and setting a "RCMP come in and shoot my dog" door mat out for the bullies in blue..

I used to be proud to live in a country that was held in high regard globally for levels of freedom exercised by it's citizens.. But the more and more I look at what is fucking happening the more I'm starting to realize that freedom we once championed in North America may have died some while ago on the path to where we are now and somehow none of us fucking noticed.

To Comply With Tyranny Out of Fear Means They Win...


While I cannot attempt to brainwash you into following a path of non-compliance, as to do so is morally murky and would almost certainly be viewed by these overbearing government chodes as inciting civil unrest... with this absolutely fucking ridiculous attack on our freedom to own nice firearms in Canada because turdeau and his fucking crony crew somehow think taking all of our guns will magically stop criminals or mindfucked psychos from creating future gun violence or mass shooting accidents, I can tell you that it won't do shit but turn a bunch of otherwise awesome gun toting Canadians to become felons over night simply for not bending the knee and following along under the ridiculous notion that the government is even remotely competent enough to realize their efforts are in vain in preventing shitty people from getting ahold of guns and doing terrible things.

The Canadian federal government has decided nobody is fit to possess any firearm capable of the performance needed to swiftly put down individuals with illegal restricted or full on military machine gun maniac. The RCMP has already proven that their rapid response SWAT teams aren't quick enough nor tactically aggressive enough to put down an active shooter in a reasonable period of time.. Do we as Canadians want to entrust the ability to actually defend ourselves against real criminals to a federal police force that can't even keep ransomware off their systems or fully automatic weapons out of the hands of gangsters and crazies?



As a contingency plan as well as statement of protest I will be developing a fully bolt together AR-15 based platform that when disassembled will not fit any definition of banned firearm or receiver, but within 3 to 5 minutes can be bolted together in order to create all of the necessary parts required to support select fire all the way to fully automatic action. There is no way in fuck they can legally prosecute you for having a dozen or so polymer plates with some odd holes drilled here or there.. And it's by this method their stupid fucking tyrannical attempt to dissolve our freedom to protect ourselves which is a given to every person on this planet in my opinion.

You can ban all the guns you want at the end of the day as a government, but doing so only serves to disarm the 99.7% of legally licensed gun owners of their nice sporting rifles and opens up the door for even more tyranny to take place..

Not on my fucking watch Canada. I could give no fucks what unjust bullshit you try to push on me or my people here in the great white north. Good luck regulating plastic plates and screws you short sighted and downright fucking retarded law makers. Within the next month I'll have open source plans available and hosted on various blockchains that will literally allow anyone with an absolute dirt cheap < $150 printer to make 90% of the parts required for semi to full auto select fire assaults weapons. The metal parts required can be crafted with a simple set of hand tools in the end and even complex machining processes like rifling a barrel from what effectively can be medium grade rebar available at any hardware store.. I don't think the Canadian government realizes the pandoras box they've opened in conducting themselves like this.. Not a single thing outlined in this ban will improve the chances of preventing violent gun crime from happening again...

It boils down to an unchecked tyrannical government leveraging a terribly unfortunate day in eastern Canada last year to justify disarming a population that which their police can't even protect in a timely fashion.. So it's up to us to protect not only ourselves but any person, country or minority group that falls under the foot of overbearing and downright sinister in intentioned government from victimizing and subjugating those living within the imaginary lines their forefathers drew on maps in order to impose their will on people who would likely just be fine otherwise without government molestation of rights and making decisions that have very real consequence for a huge number of Canadians not only living now but also that won't be able to have sporting rifles in the future without effectively sacrificing their right to live in their own home without fear of the police coming to decide to raid your house to make sure that semi automatic AR-15 that looks like a bad ass military weapon but really isn't any more or less deadly than any other gun is locked away safe..

Because in the world they are steering us towards you can either forfeit your rights to deny coops entry to you house and have cool guns, or you can fuck yourself and watch them erode more of your rights while you sit there complacent and disarmed because, you know, if you didn't hand in your guns, you're a bad person and they will gladly throw you in a fucking cage for not complying with their downright asinine attempt to stop gun crimes all while pretending to worry about a population they are trying to make defenseless and dependent on them..

The Nova Scotia shooting incident was horrible.. But this government response to it is arguably far more damaging to far more people as unless we stand up and band together to protect our rights to decide what we as a majority population want to be the standard for gun control... Not some scared shitless enclave of corrupt shitbag politician who add fucking video game guns that aren't even real to a an equally fucking retarded gun control reform bill.

When governments try to disarm Anybody, We shall move to arm Everybody

To do anything less is to passively agree with tyranny and the stripping of your freedoms.

To counter this absolute fucking stupidity I'll be releasing for free the complete blueprint and build plan as well as required hardware and tooling list to literally enable you to make your own (fully auto capable, if you so wish) AR-15 based sporting carbine or pistol in the privacy of your own home..

They Wish to Ban "Assault" Weapons?

lol.. k



Every god damn household in Canada that wants one will soon enough be able to literally build their own at home and keep it disassembled till it's needed... This is a side project in protest of the gun ban but also a means or us as Canadians to ensure regardless of thier bullshit bans we still have the means to defend ourselves.. As to hand in our nice guns to be left exposed is arguably retarded..

Checkmate you dumb fuck suit wearing government dong gurglers

Fuck you, the goons of various colourful letter agencies you employ against us.

When any Governments up and decides it can dictate what I can and can not own when it was never an issue before is where I draw the line. You cannot regulate the raw materials that even remotely competent home gunsmith can craft firearms out of. Gun regulation is a joke and this joke of theirs ain't going to yield the laughs from their little democratic puppetry club. Congrats Trudeau regime, in banning assault weapons you just created a vacuum to be filled by things even scarier than store bought sporting guns.. Atleast you knew who had those and they were somewhat under thumb who had what.. By time this gun ban goes into full effect there will be more unregistered, unserialized, and undocumented sporting, assaults and machine guns in the country than you will ever be able to sweep up with your shitty little boy in blue gang working full time.

The government doesn't have the right to control it's people, they are public servants and we pay their fucking wages every time they mange to weasel you with taxes somewhere.

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