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Where were you 10 years ago? It was a question from @sjarvie5 for the PhotoGames Where Wednesday. And now it's only a few hours before the deadline, hopefully I can finish it on time.

Ten years ago, June 2011. If I look at it from my HDD, I can't show much other than ordinary photos around the house, office, or hangout with friends. Nothing is interesting to share.

But if I go back a little to the end of May, I found a photo when I did body rafting with two of my friends, in Green Canyon, Pangandaran, Indonesia on 28-29 May 2011. At that time I was using a Canon PowerShot SX130 IS digital camera.

The three of us departed from Jakarta on Friday evening after work, arriving at Pangandaran the next morning. We enjoyed the Pangandaran beach while waiting for the guide guy who would take us to the body rafting location.


It was still very early, there was still plenty of time before body rafting activity. On the way there, we passed another beach, Batu Hiu beach. We stopped there for a moment to enjoy the place and took some photos.




Around 8 o'clock we arrived at the base camp and got ready for body rafting. We left at 9 am to the location with another group. Too bad I had to leave my camera in my bag at the base camp, because it's not waterproof. So we used my friend's camera and were photographed by the body rafting guide officer. I just edited it.

Both picture are from my friend's camera taken by our body rafting guide officer. Edited by me.

In the evening after body rafting, we moved to another place to find a hotel to stay. We found a small hotel by the beach, helped by the guide guy. It’s already dark. Of course my photo quality is really bad :P



When the morning came, it turned out to be a beautiful beach view plus the sunrise in the very front of that small hotel! It was a very quiet beach. No body around but us and some fishermen in the distance. We considered it our private beach :P



We also got the bonus of watching a local surfer trying to beat the waves. One and only surfer there.



Then we walked around while looking for breakfast and seeing the activities of local residents.




We even stopped by the fish farm and saw the fish auction.

After breakfast, we looked for fun activities to pass the time before checking out from the hotel. It's still early, check out time is still hours to go. There are no bicycles that can be rented to get around the area, so we rented a mini pedicab.


We play the role of a pedicab driver who pedals and become a passenger in turn. We also asked some local children to play with us and rented some mini pedicabs for them.



An hour later, we returned to the hotel and got ready to check out and return to Jakarta.

So, ten years ago I was in Pangandaran and its surroundings with my travel buddy. When it comes to photography, for me it’s just a hobby and sometimes just interested to do some experiments with manual mode. The camera I've ever owned are some cheap digital cameras. In recent years, I only use my cellphone to take pictures.

How about you? Where were you 10 years ago? ;)

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