📷 GUESS WHERE THIS IS: For Fun PhotoGame

I've noticed that the Photogames community has been quiet for a while. And besides, today I realized that due to lack of time I did not post anything for almost a whole week...

I need to fix it! Let's play just for fun one of the photo games that many have loved? Guess where this photo was taken and I will send HBD tip for you! The deadline for giving answers is 3 days from the moment of publication of this post. I remember that we had experts in this game, so I am sure that the exact answers will not keep us waiting :) Good luck!


  1. For this WhereIsIt game I would like you to guess WHERE is it?
  2. Only one guess per person, per post.
  3. No editing your guess - you have to commit!
  4. Submissions are due by: see a countdown timer in the post.

I will be giving 2 HBD TIP to the winner with the closest to the exact place answer (or to the first one if there will be several closest answers). If only country will be guessed in the winning answer, the prize will be 1 HBD, so please try to find the place :)



It's better to watch the photo in high resolution.

Camera: DJI Mavic 2 Pro
Exposure time: 1/50 sec
Aperture: F 10
Sensitivity: ISO 100
Focal length: 10.26 mm
35 mm equivalent: 28 mm

You can also see my photos in my blog LJ and in my profile on NatGeo. You can read a short interview with me here.

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