WEEK 5 PREVEW--PhotoGames, Season 3

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PhotoGames Season 3 will be running for 8 weeks.

Week 1May 17-May 23
Week 2May 24-May 30
Week 3May 31-June 6
Week 4June 7-June 13
Week 5June 14-June 20
Week 6June 21-June 27
Week 7June 28-July 4
Week 8July 5-July 12


Photo Stars

PhotoStars will be hosting and judging 3-4 games throughout the week. Each PhotoStar determines the scoring and winners of their individual games.

The photo stars this week will be:

They will list their games in the all active official photogames collection and using this hashtag #official-game


Active Games
All active games will be listed in this collection

Other Important Posts
Other Important Posts
History and the reboot of PhotoGames
Season 3 announcement
Scoring, winning and detailed FAQ
PeakD financial sponsorship and upgrades to C/PhotoGames

Reminder all posts in C/Photogames are required to have a 10% beneficiary to @photogames.pool to increase the game rewards.

If you would like to contribute to the games rewards you are welcome and encouraged to send Hive to @photogames.pool too. There is going to be a big sponsor so the prizes are worth playing for!

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