RULES OF THE PHOTOGAMES - "The fine print"


Every game has winners and winners earn Hive Cryptocurrency given by PhotoGames through the PhotoStars.

But you want to know how to win the entire season!!
You need to play a lot of games and win a lot of points. The games repeat but the PhotoStars put their spin on them and they decide how much each winner gets. Each week has the same amount of points even if the Hive tips differ.

Also to be in the running for the Top 10 season reward prize money (details below) you must be a PhotoStar at some point that season. However, you can win and earn individual games without ever having to be a PhotoStar.


Simply put: the more Hive tips you get from a PhotoStar the better you will do in the PhotoGames.

The Leaderboard for Season 3 is here.


  • The PhotoStars are given 10% of the hive in @photogames.pool wallet
  • @photogames divides that Hive amongst all the PhotoStars
  • Each PhotoStar decides independently how they will reward each of their games.
  • The PhotoStar must give out exactly 100% of their Hive
  • Each week is worth 1000 PhotoGame points.
  • Therefore a simple math calculation makes each tip worth different amounts each week (fluctuates based what is in the wallet) but it still remains that each week is worth the same toward the actual PhotoGame rankings.
  • Example if 1000 hive is tipped by PhotoStars (250hive * 4 PhotoStars) then each hive is worth 1 PhotoGame point.
  • Example 2: If 500 hive is given to PhotoStars that makes each hive worth 2 points.
  • We will have a spreadsheet to see how much tips each person got and how much PhotoGame points it relates to.

Therefore you don't need to know how it works ... you can just look at the spreadsheet or follow @photogames to see rankings updates.


The PhotoStar gets to decide point allocation and that's what makes it fun and keeps things new and interesting

Officially a PhotoStar has these parameters.

  • They can not give a single game more than 50% of their tip money.
  • They can not give a single game winner more than 25% of their tip money.

What this means

  • This means they have to have at least 2 games and at least 4 winners in a week.
  • Bigger tip proportion makes winning a game worth more worth while but also means less people may be winning so chances are lower. It also impacts what they can give to all their other games.
  • More winners means more chances to win but often less points per win.


  1. Those who performed well in previous season are given the option to start the new season.
  2. After 2 weeks those highest in rankings (top10) are given the opportunity to be a PhotoStar
  3. Each week we give those highest in rankings a chance to be a PhotoStar in particular those who have not already been a PhotoStar.
  4. You must be willing to follow all the directions
  5. Those who fail to follow PhotoStar directions may be prohibited from being a PhotoStar again.
  6. If no one in top 10 point placement opts to be a PhotoStar we may open to beyond top 10 or give a repeat opportunity to popular PhotoStars
  7. Please indicate to @photogames that you are interested in being a PhotoStar... use the chat feature found on and message @Photogames.
  8. In the end the decision is that of the @photogame admins which are presently @jarvie and @sjarvie5


  • There are many game templates to choose from. The PhotoStar has free choice from any of them. All games listed have been approved and played previously.
  • They will choose 3-4 games (they can make an appeal to do 2 or 5 on rare occasions)

BONUS GAMES - Aka "non-photostar games"

@photogames account reserves the right to release games that come straight from the Photogames team and outside of the 10% allotment to photostars and they will usually be games that do one of the following.

  • Promote C/photogames and the competition (aka marketing)
  • Encourage conversation and interaction

They will sometimes have official PhotoGames Points attached to them. But they will be open to all and pretty rare and will not be so much points they will unfairly impact the games.


  • Every game winner gets Hive tipped to them from the PhotoStars
  • At the end of the season 50% of the HBD in the @photogames.pool account is divided between the top 10 qualified season point total winners.
  • 40% 1st place
  • 20% 2nd place
  • 12% 3rd place
  • 7% 4th place
  • 6% 5th place
  • 5% 6th place
  • 4% 7th place
  • 3% 8th place
  • 2% 9th place
  • 1% 10th place

FAQ: Just in case scenarios

  • What happens if there are only 3 PhotoStars instead of 4? Then their games are worth more that week by default. If the community ever decides to do 5 then that means more games and more chances to win but less points per PhotoStar.
  • What happens if a PhotoStar is wrong? Most of the games are subjective so it's up to them they are the final judges and your opinion may differ than theirs. But if they make a mistake on an objective game they can let the scorekeeper know and we can change points.
  • What happens if the PhotoStar gives the wrong amount of tips? We keep track up to the amount they are supposed to give out and tips beyond that won't be counted. And if they give out too few we will see if they can give out the rest in a timely manner and if they continue to fail we will let other PhotoStars complete their awarding and the likelihood they will be asked back as a PhotoStar reduces dramatically. If the PhotoStar gives the wrong tip amount they need to rectify that with the person they gave the wrong amount to and that person should return the mistake or risk loosing all points.
  • What happens if there is a tie for season winners? Ties will go to the person with the best 1 week performance. Ties beyond that will go to the person with the second best 1 week performance etc.
  • What if some PhotoStars are more fun and fair than others? Then players will give feedback including in #photogames-polls and we will invite those PhotoStars more often to run games.
  • What if we want to play new style PhotoGame? New games may be submitted for approval by the community and @photogames admins.
  • What if we don't like certain PhotoGames? The community may be polled and decide to remove games. Check #Photogame-polls
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