PhotoGames Season 3 is done!

We just finished Season 3 of PhotoGames!

It was a great 8 weeks full of games, Photo Stars, #MusicalMondays, #Whereisit, #FixitFridays, other great alliterations, photography, learning, inspiration and lots of fun.

Thank you so much for being a part of this season.

There were 110 unique players, thank you all for playing.

And a big shout out to all the Photo Stars that spent time and used their imgination to come up with cool games for us to play!

Thank you @jarvie, @sjarvie5, @caseygrimley, @derekkind, @asgarth, @bil.prag, @itchyfeetdonica,
@scottshots, @aiparker, @wfndiary, @fotostef, @sharker, @r00sj3, @sigota, @kibela, @eolinde

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Gonna miss Photo Games??

If you would like to keep playing during the season break you are welcome to use the templates to make your own "for fun games".
You can also make new and creative games that might be used in Season 4.

For Fun Games

  • any one can make these games
  • use the topic tag
  • use your own Hive to tip the prizes
  • can be done at any time.
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