Season 3 Announcement : PhotoGames

Photo Games Season 3 starts next week!

Season 3 will start on May 17, 2021 and run for 8 weeks. There will be 4 photo stars each week hosting 3-4 games a piece for everyone to play for both enjoyment and a spot on the leaderboard.

What are PhotoGames?

“Fun, interactive, photographic games for the whole HIVE community.”
Read the PhotoGames history post for more details.

Example Games

Some of the games require no photo skills, just an appreciation of photography. Others will greatly benefit the best photographers out there. It really is a game for the whole Hive community.

How to play

  1. Each week a group of 4 photographers called Photo Stars choose 3-4 games to host and judge during that week.
  2. To find active games for the week, go to the "All active official games collection" in the C/Photogames community.
  3. Read each post carefully to find out how to play the game and how the Photo Star will do scoring for their specific games. More scoring info below.
  4. Comment on each Photo Star’s game post for a chance to win that game and Hive tips.
  5. Make sure you post in the time allotted. There will be a countdown timer on each post.
  6. Check the Leaderboard on Mondays for updates.
  7. If you want to be in the TOP 10 then be a Photo Star at least one week.


Week 1May 17-May 23
Week 2May 24-May 30
Week 3May 31-June 6
Week 4June 7-June 13
Week 5June 14-June 20
Week 6June 21-June 27
Week 7June 28-July 4
Week 8July 5-July 12

Wondering if you have enough time to play?
There will be good rewards (Hive Tips) for each game and more rewards for the TOP 10 winners of the season so you can play as much or as little as you would like and still enjoy the experience.

Subscribe to C/Photogames to get started.


Other Important Posts
History and the reboot of PhotoGames
Season 3 announcement
Scoring, winning and detailed FAQ
PeakD financial sponsorship and upgrades to C/PhotoGames

Reminder all posts in C/Photogames are required to have a 10% beneficiary to @photogames.pool to increase the game rewards.

If you would like to contribute to the games rewards you are welcome and encouraged to send Hive to @photogames.pool. Thanks to @PeakD for their continual efforts to improve the Hive user experience and their generous sponsorship of @Photogames.

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