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I hope you will be fine and blessed today i am here again with another post of splinterlands in which i am going to share the packs opening and the quest rewards along with a legendary dragon monster.


Scale afflictions are especially difficult to treat, so the Gloridax doctors must be skilled at treating all types of monsters, up to and including Dragons. Healing a sick Dragon is often a lost cause, and Scale Doctors are frequently put to death for failure in saving a Dragon’s life.Splinterlands

Scale doctor is a legendary dragon monster from the untamed edition that i owned for the first time and i will be using it now in my battles to increase the life of my friendly team with the help of this legendary monster. However, i did not used it yet so don't know about this card that using this one in your battle line will be good or not because if you see the range attack and mana cap of this monster which is not so good for your strong line up and also the speed is not so good so i will use it only when there is a poison ruleset so it will increase one life to my all friendly monster.



Well, getting this card from the pack is not bad because you get your ROI in the form of this card after buying pack from the splinterlands market with $2 price and getting this card will be equal to $1.63 so you got your investment back at some point. However, i got two packs from the quest worth of $4 and then getting this card so all these cards and packs are free for me and a good profit without investing your money in packs. However, let's talk about the abilities of this card like you will get strengthen ability at level 1 and the triage ability is really helpful for your backline monsters that you can get at level 2 and also if you want to upgrade it more then rust and repair will be yours also.



Here is today's quest rewards that you can see in the snap above and the quest was easy with the dragon splinter that i completed easily and claimed the rewards with gold 1 league and got these rewards which includes two untamed packs along with one common card and some chest for the potion charges and few dec tokens like 9 quantity. However, the rewards for today is enough for me because getting two packs is really nice worth of $4 and in the form of dec it would be equal to 4k dec tokens.



Here is the result of first pack opening in which i got one Common gold card the Albatross from the water family which is a nice card to restore your heal but the life of this card is only 1 so may be it can be killed easily by the opportunity ability. However, got some other cards from this pack like serpentine spy and the child of the forest both cards are also good along with fighter and magma troll.



The second pack opening is in front of you which is also good because of the common gold failed summoner along with a legendary pull of scale doctor both cards are awesome and worth sharing because the price of failed summoner in gold foil is round about $1 that will sell soon to make it level 6 in regular because i need to upgrade this one in the earth family to reduce the one melee attack from the enemy team with its demoralize ability that i will unlock soon at level 6.

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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