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How are you all guys hope you will be blessed and fine. In today's post, I will be sharing a new card from the rift watcher edition which is from the death splinter along with a pack opening and some other cards.


Born Marissa Maewyn in a small village on the outskirts of Lyveria on the continent of Anumun, the Queen of Crows has had the power to speak to and control crows even as a child.read more

I am seeing lots of close range cards in the riftwatchers edition set which is good for the +1 range summoners to be use these close range cards so we will not worry about the placement of that cards either in the first position or in the backline position that will give us some benefits if other cards are killed so that close range monster can fight in the first position with its strong range attack. The Queen of crows is a 9 mana death monster with rare rarity that can attack from any position in the team because of its close range ability that will reduce 2 life from the enemy team monsters in a single attack and can give you 11 health which will stay for a long time in the battlefield because of its high health.



There are total 4 abilities in this card the first one is close range means that the monster can attack from any positon either it is in the first or in back line position while the level 3 version of this card gives you benefit to reduce the range attack from enemy team and the next level upgrade will give you to reduce the speed of enemy monstetrs so you monsters can attack first on the enemy team when you will use this card with this abilities and the next level upgrade will give you return fire ability with 3 range attack at max level.



Here is the pack opening result of one more rift watchers pack that you can see here in which i got two rare cards the one i shared above while the other one is already shared on my blog in this week rest of the 3 cards will be explin on my next posts along with some other rewards like the daily focus and some other cards from the gladius or rewards edition.



These are the claimed rewards of yesterday quest of my alt account which i made with bots playing in my alt account while in my main account i have rented out all my cards so i did not played battles while only made 2 loot chests for yesterday rewards but got nothing from it so i did not captured the rewards same happend for today so i am going to remove some cards from the market because tomorrow i will be playing for the gladius battles so i will need all my upgraded cards in that battles while these are the rewards of my alt account not good but still something is better than nothing and i am not playing bot is playing battle for me.

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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