Is it safe to have Steem as a recovery account? / E' sicuro avere Steem come Recovery Account? (ENG/ITA)

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Hi friends,
yesterday my dear friend @mad-runner contacted me on Discord and asked me how he could change his Recovery Account.

He asked me this question because he received the following message from PeakD:

Invalid Recovery Account
Your recovery account is currently set to @steem. It is highly recommended to change it now.


Why is the Recovery Account important?

Each Hive user has a Recovery Account that was assigned to them when they created their account.
The Recovery account is the account that created our account.
In case an attacker steals our passwords and changes them without our knowledge, only the Recovery Account can help us restore the original passwords and save our account.

Shortly after the birth of Hive I wrote a step by step guide which was useful to @mad-runner and can be useful to those who come from Steem, have Steem as a recovery account and have not yet changed their recovery account.

I wrote the guide on April 6, 2020 only in Italian.

Translation of my guide published on April 6, 2020.

Recovery Account

Everyone on Hive or Steem has a Recovery Account.
The Recovery Account coincides with the Account that created our Account.

For example if you registered through Steemit your Recovery Account is steem.
If you created your account through Splinterlands registration your Recovery Account is steemmonsters.

Why is the Recovery Account important?

It is very important because in the unfortunate event (I do not wish it to anyone) in which our account is stolen and our keys are changed without our knowledge, we could rely on our Recovery Account to restore the original keys and save our account and all the tokens connected to it.

We cannot start the key recovery procedure by ourselves and it is only our Recovery Account that can do it.

Steemit has become SunBook and in case we need to recover our account we should contact Steemit and then Justin Sun.

Do you trust Justin Sun? I don't!
For this I have decided to change my Recovery Account.

Who is my Recovery Account?

You can check who your Recovery Account is by adding your account name at

For example if you click on you can see that my Recovery Account is steem (for a little while longer).

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How to change the Recovery Account

The easiest way to change your Recovery Account is from

Here are the simple steps to follow:

1. Login to
2. Click on Profile as indicated by the arrow in the following image


3. Click on ACTIONS and then on Key & Permissions


4. Click on RECOVERY ACCOUNT and then on the CHANGE RECOVERY ACCOUNT button


5. Enter the Account Name you have chosen and your Owner Private Key and click on CONFIRM


I chose my wife's account as the Recovery Account.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Choose an account in which you have TOTAL TRUST (family member, friend ...)
An alternative may be to choose a sub / alternative account if you have one.
For example, I have two curation accounts for specific tags (spt and palnet) I could also choose one of the two but I preferred to choose my wife's account.

6. If you have followed all the steps you have completed the procedure but you have NOT changed your Recovery Account yet.
You will have to wait 30 days for the change to be made as indicated by the screenshot in the following image.


Who pointed out to me that in April I still had steem as a recovery account was @engrave whom I still thank today.
His article is very useful and this is the link:

Unless otherwise indicated, the images in this post are screenshots taken from the site:

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Ciao amici ieri il mio caro amico @mad-runner mi ha contattato su Discord e mi ha chiesto come poteva cambiare il proprio Recovery Account.

Mi ha fatto questa domanda perchè ha ricevuto il seguente messaggio da parte di PeakD:

Invalid Recovery Account
Your recovery account is currently set to @steem. It is highly recommended to change it now.


Perchè è importante il Recovery Account?

Ogni utente di Hive ha un Recovery Account che gli è stato assegnato nel momento della creazione del proprio account.
Il Recovery account è l'account che ha creato il nostro account.
Nel caso in cui un utente malintenzionato ruba le nostre password e le cambia a nostra insaputa, solo il Recovery Account può aiutarci a ripristinare le password originali e a salvare il nostro account.

Ho notato che alcuni miei amici come ad esempio @robibasa @tinamarr @webdeals, @vittoriozuccala, @stefano.massari @ciuoto ... hanno steem come recovery account.

Poco dopo la nascita di Hive ho scritto una guida passo passo che è stata utile a @mad-runner e può tornare utile a chi proviene da Steem, ha Steem come recovery account e non ha ancora provveduto a cambiare il proprio recovery account.

Ho scritto la guida il 6 Aprile 2020 solo in lingua italiana.